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Home Alone based on a ESP32
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Home Alone Monitor Version 2 of 'Switch Lights When Not at Home' with Raspberry Pi This is a much extended version of the old switcher that was published in 2015. It acts as a IoT Gateway.

This documentation describes a gadget based on ESP32 that monitors movements of peole living alone. It is basd on an idea that I found on YouTube. Ralph Bacon presented his device using an ESP8266 and heavily borrowed from his ideas. Hoever, I felt that I wanted to use an ESP32 to make used of the multitasking capabilities of this chip.

I used the Arduino IDE to develop the software. Hardware is based on the Adafruit Feather series of boards.

Check out the project description for all the details.

Documentation and code on GitHub.

Free to use, modify, and distribute with proper attribution. Frei für jedermann, vollständige Quellangabe vorausgesetzt.

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