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A Formal Library as a Bitcoin Spin-Off

Dalilcoin is a fork of Qeditas ( which was designed to use a blockchain to support a revival of the QED Project.

Dalilcoin changes the consensus protocol of Qeditas by using Proof of Burn to anchor Dalilcoin blocks into a Proof of Work blockchain (Litecoin's). In addition, the target block time has been slowed considerably so that Dalilcoin is only expected to average 4 blocks per day. Much of the code is due to the Qeditas developers and the (open source) copyright notices reflect this fact (and must continue to do so). Additional copyright notices for Dalilcoin developers have been added to files changed after the Dalilcoin fork was created in August 2017.

Dalilcoin is still under development. It can currently only be used in linux using the command line.

  • Requirements

Dalilcoin requires the ocaml programming language and the Zarith module.

  • Installation

Instead of make, it is also possible to use the makebytecode script:


The configure script can be given a number of parameters.

For example, the default data directory is .dalilcoin in the user's home directory. This can be changed as follows:

./configure -datadir=<fullpathtodir>

The configure script will create the data directory if it does not already exist.

  • Configuration file

For dalilcoin to run properly, it needs to communicate with a litecoin daemon.

First set up your litecoin.conf file (in .litecoin) to contain the following lines:


where of course replacewithrealpassword should be replaced with a serious password (to protect litecoins in your local wallet). You should put some litecoins in a segwit address in the local wallet.

Now create a a file dalilcoin.conf in your dalilcoin data directory.


There are many other configuration parameters you might want to set in dalilcoin.conf (see src/ The ones above should suffice for dalilcoin to interact with your litecoin node.

Here are a few examples of other configuration parameters.

If you want your node to listen for connections, give your IP and port number by setting ip=xx.xx.xx.xx and port=... The default port number is 20805. There is no default IP address, and if none is given then dalilcoin will not listen for incoming connections. You can have dalilcoin listen for connections via a tor hidden service by setting onion=xxyouronionaddrxx.onion onionremoteport=.. and onionlocalport=...

Connections will only be created over tor (via socks proxies) if socks=4 is included in the configuration file.

After putting the dalilcoin/bin/ directory into your PATH, dalilcoin can be run as follows:


This will likely take some time to sync with the ltc node. During this time it is searching through ltc blocks (after early 2018) for dalilcoin burn transactions and using this information to determine the candidates for the current dalilcoin blockchain (from a tree of blocks, including some of which may be invalid or orphaned).

After the initialization, you can issue commands via a console interface. These commands may take minutes to execute, so patience is required.

The command getpeerinfo can be used to determine if your dalilcoin node is connected to others.

> getpeerinfo

The command getinfo gives more information about the current state, including the current best known blocks.

> getinfo

At first getinfo (and other commands) are likely to report that the node is out of sync, as it takes some time to request and process the dalilcoin blocks generated so far. When this report is seen, simply wait a while and try again. Sometimes it helps to exit the node and restart.

> exit

A full list of commands is available via

> help

and the help command can be used to ask for information about specific commands.

Dalilcoin can also be run as a daemon and commands issued via a command line interface:

dalilcoin -daemon
dalilcoincli "getinfo"
  • Obtaining the Database with the Ledger Tree

You can either run dalilcoin as a lite client or with the full ledger tree. You can obtail the database with the full ledger tree as of Block 600 (Dec 31 2018) as the file db2018.tgz (1GB) at:!Ab4yTaYb!PvJshyDf7nsXh_ejSAVDGLRCLytgR8griEFNLV1EAWI

The sha256 hash of this file is 7b662b832ab6840383f8af8183e9e96af2f68e2fbc03e93bb132c072f4187d5a

Alternatively, you can download the initial database with the initial ledger tree as the file db.tgz (900MB) at:!waQE1DiC!yRo9vTYPK9CZsfOxT-6eJ7vtl3WLeIMqK4LAcA2ASKc

The sha256 hash of this file is 1920e33fdaf3749d6cce55ab0150faf961ef22c5057c92e082c3f6209fb335d5

After downloading one of these files cd to your Dalilcoin data directory.

Most likely this mean:

cd ~/.dalilcoin

Move the downloaded file to here and untar it. For example:

tar xzvf db2018.tgz

It will create a db subdirectory with all the necessary information.

If you have already run dalilcoin and already have the db subdirectory, you should delete the db subdirectory before untar'ing db2018.tgz.

An alternative to downloading the db2018.tgz file is to use the command requestfullledger to try to obtain the full ledger (piece by piece) from peer nodes on the network. The requestfullledger command is very slow and should be expected to run for several hours. The command requestfullledger without an argument will use the block chain to determine the most recent ledger root and try to find the full ledger for this root. Alternatively you can give the ledgerroot as an argument. For example this call will try to obtain the full initial ledger:

requestfullledger d4b10e4b72eaa8a61427b805f206e828b22bb59192373b83fe0df501e68a5bed

  • Importing Watch Addresses and Viewing Balances

Here is an example of how to view assets from the initial distribution. This assumes you have a version of the initial ledger tree (see above).

We first import 3 p2pkh addresses and one p2sh address. We give them as Bitcoin addresses and Dalilcoin prints the corresponding Dalilcoin address. Dalilcoin p2pkh addresses start with D. Dalilcoin p2sh addresses start with d.

Here is an example:


> importwatchbtcaddr 14M2d3UDXkkTL8AJmTUifUmAEwYo67cW2Q
Importing as Dalilcoin address DXpj9Qi9YM7cgZUzXTobhNCYkaY346HF8q
> importwatchbtcaddr 1LvNDhCXmiWwQ3yeukjMLZYgW7HT9wCMru
Importing as Dalilcoin address DpQ4k4STnJt6kVJLfm4ENSz51kGh8PsQVg
> importwatchbtcaddr 15muB9t6z5UZBCWTkTApgEUYnMZdcnumKo
Importing as Dalilcoin address DZFbhX82zfqiXdq9WTVhi7uwHzYsjEUGgy
> importwatchbtcaddr 37GxXLE4tiFEKwsLzNGFdHyjVfUEbj6wt2
Importing as Dalilcoin address dK1EDZZZF3dhqnii52aLqx7bzYNR3hFA5R

We next ask Dalilcoin to print the assets held at the wallet addresses in the current ledger. At the moment (July 2019) the ledger is the one after the block at height 1293.

> printassets
Assets in ledger with root d09d62d8b7d3a864c8cc0a86f889ef5b7374acf56e9f51db7d7f471a1c2cafe7:
Controlled p2pkh assets:
Possibly controlled p2sh assets:
Assets via endorsement:
Watched assets:
737b615b1608bb483754b4dddc8e1aee692d89d51bd86491cd4c1d69b9bcd2f4: (id 0000000000000000000000000d5edd430a4ffe63fa96dd5c189989bd39b628cb) [0] Currency 0.05 fraenks (5000000000 cants)
5f6eea1d442bdc4683aab077382b3aeff14247117dc383dc4b3f07dc721f1081: (id 00000000000000000000000037cfcd67a77ded709ff0b03c1d80ed5fbed8b33f) [0] Currency 0.00075 fraenks (75000000 cants)
5f3d6ade600b330ba405413935f32cb07dfe904ee52c894c015b8cb27ff702c4: (id 0000000000000000000000003b522a6135a10dff029666431e145aa4a2d0e824) [0] Currency 0.00075 fraenks (75000000 cants)
0a50e9aaae7517139d3c5c1453adae6499c70218b4ef4695579a953a38753eba: (id 000000000000000000000000ab6f7c6f2d94d3f7a36f39c64b46f4f6d5b492d0) [0] Currency 0.00075 fraenks (75000000 cants)
Total p2pkh: 0.0000000000 fraenks (0.0000000000 unlocked)
Total p2sh: 0.0000000000 fraenks (0.0000000000 unlocked)
Total via endorsement: 0.0000000000 fraenks (0.0000000000 unlocked)
Total watched: 0.05225 fraenks (0.05225 unlocked)

For each of the imported addresses, there is a currency asset.

By Bitcoin Block 350,000

14M2d3UDXkkTL8AJmTUifUmAEwYo67cW2Q had a balance of 0.1 bitcoins (10000000 satoshis)

Hence the corresponding Dalilcoin address DXpj9Qi9YM7cgZUzXTobhNCYkaY346HF8q was airdropped 0.1 fraenks (10000000000 cants). The number of cants is 1000 times more than the number of satoshis since Dalilcoin has three extra digits of precision. Every 730 blocks (roughly six months) the number of fraenks spendable from the airdrop halves. As of July 2019, DXpj9Qi9YM7cgZUzXTobhNCYkaY346HF8q has 0.05 fraenks spendable from the airdrop. The next airdrop halving should take place in August or September of 2019. (Many of the particular addresses used here came from the Qeditas README and still contain their airdropped dalilcoin fraenks as of July 2019.)

Similarly, by Bitcoin Block 350,000 the addresses 1LvNDhCXmiWwQ3yeukjMLZYgW7HT9wCMru, 15muB9t6z5UZBCWTkTApgEUYnMZdcnumKo and 37GxXLE4tiFEKwsLzNGFdHyjVfUEbj6wt2 had balances of 0.0015 bitcoins (150000 satoshis). Consequently, the corresponding Dalilcoin addresseses was airdropped 0.0015 fraenks (150000000 cants) each, and the amount of this spendable halves every 730 blocks. As of July 2019, each could be spent to obtain 0.00075 fraenks.

If the node does not have the full ledger tree, Dalilcoin may warn you that some data is missing. If data is missing and there are connections to peers, the node will try to request the missing data.

  • Endorsements

You do not need to import your bitcoin private key to claim your part of the airdrop. Claims can be made using bitcoin signed endorsements. Here is an example:

In the snapshot the Bitcoin address 1Ez6BBUGNrNqahWqF7kqzBp88fkBKfoRmj had 1.01 bitcoins. The corresponding Dalilcoin address is DiTnhYiCPSjzw8qX185j25FWeJjRL9fErf, a fact that can be determined using the btcdaliladdr command:

> btctodaliladdr 1Ez6BBUGNrNqahWqF7kqzBp88fkBKfoRmj
Dalilcoin address DiTnhYiCPSjzw8qX185j25FWeJjRL9fErf corresponds to Bitcoin address 1Ez6BBUGNrNqahWqF7kqzBp88fkBKfoRmj

This means that if the Dalilcoin wallet had the private key for the Bitcoin address 1Ez6BBUGNrNqahWqF7kqzBp88fkBKfoRmj, which is the same as the private key for the Dalilcoin address DiTnhYiCPSjzw8qX185j25FWeJjRL9fErf, then the Dalilcoin node could spend the 1.01 fraenks. Endorsements give a way to spend the 1.01 fraenks without importing this private key.

Suppose we have a Dalilcoin wallet that includes a private key for the Dalilcoin address Dr44Xv5NJySSEQ3AfrnDio3HnTWHsrxbya. A Bitcoin wallet can be used to sign the endorsement message

endorse Dr44Xv5NJySSEQ3AfrnDio3HnTWHsrxbya

with the key for the address 1Ez6BBUGNrNqahWqF7kqzBp88fkBKfoRmj.

This endorsement can then be imported into the Dalilcoin wallet using the importendorsement command:

importendorsement DiTnhYiCPSjzw8qX185j25FWeJjRL9fErf Dr44Xv5NJySSEQ3AfrnDio3HnTWHsrxbya HPcwtjEomAo6+RW0CGB1yp41fthk+d154Irnkfz9rC47CCIm2Ff5rb7nzDBkmo3X27Hu2XLJaiewzt7BVpOIIRU=

This endorsement allows the private key for Dr44Xv5NJySSEQ3AfrnDio3HnTWHsrxbya to sign Dalilcoin transactions that would otherwise need to be signed by the private key for DiTnhYiCPSjzw8qX185j25FWeJjRL9fErf.

The printassets command shows which assets are controlled, including those controlled by endorsements. Note that one can find the asset id for each of these assets, which is needed when creating a transaction with createtx or creategeneraltx.

The commands createtx, signtx and sendtx can be used to spend the 1.01. Here is an example of how the 1.01 fraenks from DiTnhYiCPSjzw8qX185j25FWeJjRL9fErf could have been split among three balances: 0.2 at address DhffKwWrRo2F9Y9C4AGcN5aruMvjo5mjmx locked until block 500, 0.3 at address DYZRqxUh9NM88ZFB7TR8rvCoeppk6CQzr8 locked until block 100 and 0.5 fraenks unlocked at address Dann5dycvyH7iVfcQvLsANGKghGBkcPQSF, leaving 0.01 fraenks as a transaction fee. (The unlocked 0.5 fraenks can be spent anytime. The locked balances cannot be spent until the right block height is reached. Locked rewards have more coinage for staking.) The signtx command uses the endorsement above and private key for Dr44Xv5NJySSEQ3AfrnDio3HnTWHsrxbya to sign the transaction.

createtx '[{"DiTnhYiCPSjzw8qX185j25FWeJjRL9fErf":"0000000000000000000000003c21ff93ccfb652f62cb181121e942af592b0ab4"}]' '[{"addr":"DhffKwWrRo2F9Y9C4AGcN5aruMvjo5mjmx","val":0.2,"lock":500},{"addr":"DYZRqxUh9NM88ZFB7TR8rvCoeppk6CQzr8","val":0.3,"lock":1000},{"addr":"Dann5dycvyH7iVfcQvLsANGKghGBkcPQSF","val":0.5}]'
signtx <hexofunsignedtx>
sendtx <hexofsignedtx>
  • Checking Balances of Addresses

The query command can be used to obtain information about addresses or hash values. In particular using query with an address (Bitcoin or Dalilcoin) gives a list of the assets at the address. If a Bitcoin address is given, then the corresponding Dalilcoin address will be given. The output is given in json format. Here is an example (in July 2019 at block height 1293):

query 15muB9t6z5UZBCWTkTApgEUYnMZdcnumKo
{"response":"bitcoin address","daliladdress":"DZFbhX82zfqiXdq9WTVhi7uwHzYsjEUGgy","info":{"ledgerroot":"d09d62d8b7d3a864c8cc0a86f889ef5b7374acf56e9f51db7d7f471a1c2cafe7","block":{"block":"7ceffac9ffe328ee7898b3bd457078a453fd7b385780fcf2b1dca8f6334589e6","height":1293,"ltcblock":"b33ebff0aee1406ed07bcae0633745a07d247f6635fbd7bd3cf7e99c06205a2e","ltcburntx":"4461710a01616a10a5dc43adfe6ebcae4381b0dca03466405083ddd87a728069","ltcmedtm":1564166879,"ltcburned":0},"address":"DZFbhX82zfqiXdq9WTVhi7uwHzYsjEUGgy","total":0.0015,"contents":"0000000000000000000000003b522a6135a10dff029666431e145aa4a2d0e824 [0] Currency 0.00075 fraenks; coinage 81675000000\n","currentassets":[{"type":"asset","assethash":"5f3d6ade600b330ba405413935f32cb07dfe904ee52c894c015b8cb27ff702c4","assetid":"0000000000000000000000003b522a6135a10dff029666431e145aa4a2d0e824","bday":0,"preasset":{"type":"preasset","preassettype":"currency","val":{"cants":150000000,"fraenks":"0.0015"}}}]}}

The result indicates 15muB9t6z5UZBCWTkTApgEUYnMZdcnumKo is a Bitcoin address with corresponding Dalilcoin address DZFbhX82zfqiXdq9WTVhi7uwHzYsjEUGgy. The "info" part includes an array of "currentassets". In this case there is one asset, a currency asset of 0.0015 fraenks from the airdrop. The "contents" part indicates that the currency asset is now spendable for 0.00075 fraenks.

Here is the same example giving the Dalilcoin address to the query command:

query DZFbhX82zfqiXdq9WTVhi7uwHzYsjEUGgy
{"response":"daliladdress","info":{"ledgerroot":"d09d62d8b7d3a864c8cc0a86f889ef5b7374acf56e9f51db7d7f471a1c2cafe7","block":{"block":"7ceffac9ffe328ee7898b3bd457078a453fd7b385780fcf2b1dca8f6334589e6","height":1293,"ltcblock":"b33ebff0aee1406ed07bcae0633745a07d247f6635fbd7bd3cf7e99c06205a2e","ltcburntx":"4461710a01616a10a5dc43adfe6ebcae4381b0dca03466405083ddd87a728069","ltcmedtm":1564166879,"ltcburned":0},"address":"DZFbhX82zfqiXdq9WTVhi7uwHzYsjEUGgy","total":0.0015,"contents":"0000000000000000000000003b522a6135a10dff029666431e145aa4a2d0e824 [0] Currency 0.00075 fraenks; coinage 81675000000\n","currentassets":[{"type":"asset","assethash":"5f3d6ade600b330ba405413935f32cb07dfe904ee52c894c015b8cb27ff702c4","assetid":"0000000000000000000000003b522a6135a10dff029666431e145aa4a2d0e824","bday":0,"preasset":{"type":"preasset","preassettype":"currency","val":{"cants":150000000,"fraenks":"0.0015"}}}]}}
  • Staking

The node will attempt to stake (minting blocks for a reward) if staking=1 is included. Other important configuration parameters for staking include maxburn, maxburnrate and mintimebetweenburns which control the amount of litecoin you are willing to burn to stake a block. By default no litecoins will be burned. The parameter ltctxfee determines the (fixed) transaction fee that will be used for burn transactions, denominated in litoshis. The default is 1,000 litoshis (0.00001 ltc). The command nextstakingchances will indicate the next opportunities the node has to stake, possibly by burning extra ltc. The command extraburn can be used to dynamically temporarily increase the number of litecoins you are willing to burn in order to stake.

When private keys are imported into the dalilcoin wallet, the key can be marked as staking or nonstaking. Only addresses corresponding to staking keys will be used to stake. The commands stakewith and donotstakewith can be used to move addresses between these two classifications. You should not be staking with the address if you want to be able to spend assets from an address.

For more information about how to stake, see the file doc/

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