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A VueJS component to show a graphical vizualization of a PostgreSQL execution plan.


To use the explain vizualizer you can choose one of the following options:

Dalibo service (recommended)

This service is provided by Dalibo and can help you to share your plans with colleagues or customers.

Portable (on a USB stick)

PEV2 can be run locally.

Simply download pev2.tar.gz, extract the archive and open index.html in your favorite internet browser.

Local installation using docker


Integrated in a web application

PEV2 can be integrated as a component in a web application.

Install it:

npm install pev2

Declare the PEV2 component and use it:

import pev2 from "pev2";

new Vue({
  el: "#app",
  data: function () {
    return {
      plan: plan,
      query: query,
  components: {
    pev2: pev2,

Then add the PEV2 component to your template:

<div id="app">
  <pev2 :plan-source="plan" :plan-query="query"></pev2>

PEV2 requires Bootstrap (CSS) and FontAwesome to work so don't forget to add the following in you header (or load them with your favorite bundler).


For a complete example, see this codesandbox.


This project is a rewrite of the excellent Postgres Explain Visualizer (pev). Kudos go to Alex Tatiyants.

The pev project was initialy written in early 2016 but seems to be abandoned since then. There was no activity at all for more than 3 years and counting though there are several issues open and relevant pull requests pending.

The current project has several goals:

  • isolate the plan view component and its dependencies in order to use it in any web app with for example the ability to load a plan without requiring any copy-paste from the user,
  • make it work with recent version of JS frameworks,
  • upgrade Bootstrap to a more recent version,
  • use VueJS just for a matter of taste,
  • maintain the project to match upgrades in PostgreSQL.