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Code Repository for Regression Planning Networks
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Regression Planning Networks


A reference implementation of the Regression Planning Networks.

This repo also includes the simulated environments used in the paper: GridWorld and Kitchen3D. GridWorld is built on gym-minigrid. Kitchen3D is simulated with PyBullet. Most of the PyBullet utilities are adapted from Caelan Garrett's ss-pybullet. The Appendix of the original paper is also included here for reference.

To cite the code, use bibtex:

  title={Regression Planning Networks},
  author={Xu, Danfei and Martín-Martín, Roberto and Huang, De-An and Zhu, Yuke and Savarese, Silvio and Fei-Fei, Li},
  booktitle={Thirty-third Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)},


Installation and Setup

Requirement: Python >= 3.6

Note: The code DOES NOT work with Python 3.5

$ git clone
$ git submodule update --init --recursive
$ pip install -r requirements.txt
$ cd rpn
$ mkdir checkpoints
$ mkdir data



To reproduce the main experiments, first create a demonstration dataset with three ingredients and two dishes (I=3, D=2).

$ python --problem pb_cook_meal_3i_2d_3m_iter \
    --dataset data/ \
    --num_episodes 10 --num_tasks -1 --seed 0 \
    --teleport --num_chunks 100 --num_workers 10

The entire process takes around 3 hours with 10 works (--num_workers 10) on a machine with i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz. The dataset will be written to data/

To create a smaller validation set, run:

$ python --problem pb_cook_meal_3i_2d_3m_iter \
    --dataset data/ \
    --num_episodes 1 --num_tasks -1 --seed 1 \
    --teleport --num_chunks 10 --num_workers 10


To train our full RPN model, run:

$ python --dataset data/ \
    --testset data/ \
    --exp rpn \
    --run experiment \
    --batch_size 128 \
    --eval_batch_size 128 \
    --eval_freq 1 --save_freq 1 \
    --num_epoch 10 --config configs/pbv_rpn.json \
    --num_workers 1

Checkpoints will be written to checkpoints/rpn/experiment/ each epoch. Both text and tensorboard event will be written to checkpoints/rpn/experiment/log/.


To evaluate a trained model on the Kitchen3D task with I=6 and D=3, run:

$ python --restore_path checkpoints/rpn/experiment/ \
       --problem pb_cook_meal_6i_3d_6m_shuffle \
       --num_eval 1000 --seed 1 \

Aside: Our naming convention for the cooking tasks is pb_cook_meal_<I>i_<D>d_<M>m_<shuffle/iter>, where <I> is the number of ingredients involved, <D> is the number of dishes to cook, <M> is the maximum number of ingredients that can be placed on a plate (usually set to be equal to <I>), and <shuffle/iter> is whether to shuffle the list of all possible tasks under the current task specification.

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