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[ lazycoder ]

An experimental pattern generator for automated live visuals performance. Look ma, no hands.


Lazycoder is a small experimental Node application that generates completely original randomised Cyril live code patterns, and edits them automatically on the fly.

The application logic is built on tracery.js, a story-grammar generation library by Kate Compton.

Currently this is OSX only, as Cyril is OSX only. As and when it gets ported, this should ideally still work...


  • Download Cyril
  • Install Node if you haven't already
  • Do npm link from inside the project directory to make the lazycoder command available system-wide
  • If this has worked, running lazycoder version should display the application version number
  • That's it!


  • Start up Cyril, and ensure the first frame is running. To do this, it cmd-1 to select the first frame, and cmd-r to run the code in that frame. This frame will stay updated as Lazycoder runs.
  • You can hide the code/frame display in Cyril by hitting cmd-a, and hit cmd-f to go full screen.
  • Lazycoder commands are executed from the same directory level as the Cyril application (i.e. next to the Cyril app)
  • To create a single new pattern, run lazycoder once. This is handy for testing.
  • To run the full looping cycle, do lazycoder start. This will generate a new pattern, and then continually edit it's parameters over time until one of a few thresholds is reached, at which point a new pattern may be generated.
  • To stop the loop, kill the process or do lazycoder stop


This prototype is released under the Do What The Fuck You Want public license, see for details.


An experimental pattern generator for automated live visuals performance. Look ma, no hands.




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