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(Non-anemic) data access abstraction layer for Slick
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Slick Integration

Build Status

helps you to implement a data access layer in your application using Slick.

Key Features

  • Designed to be the foundation of non-anemic domain models
  • Providing a thin abstraction layer to reduce boilerplate
  • Integrating with Play Framework


Add "net.danieldietrich" %% "slick-integration" % "1.0-SNAPSHOT" to your dependencies (project/Build.scala).

You can use the following resolvers:

  • "" (currently none, pending until Scala 2.10 final is released)
  • ""


Checkout the project via git:

$ git clone

Create Eclipse project files via sbt:

$ sbt eclipse

There are a few more helpful sbt commands:

  • compile compiles the project
  • test runs the specs2 tests located in src/test/scala
  • publish publishes the project to the local Maven repository (~/.m2/repository)

Development versions of slick-integration can be used in your App by setting resolvers += Resolver.mavenLocal (project/Build.scala), which loads the dependency you pblished to your local Maven repository ~/.m2/repository.

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