Kernel module for packet generator and packet receiver with statistics.
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Kernel module for packet generator and packet receiver with statistics. Source based from Linux Kernel pktgen 3.11.0

To compile the headers of the running kernel are required.

sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)

Current version for kernel 3.11.0. It uses netfilter hooks to process incomming packets.

To compile and load the module:


insmod ./pktgen.ko

it is necessary to map each interrupt with a different core. You can use [eth-affinity] ( to set up automaticaly.


to start the receiver, you need to be root

sudo su

echo rx eth1 > /proc/net/pktgen/pgrx

Some options for the receiver:

  • rx [device] to enable the receiver part for a specific device. If it is wrong, all the devices are used. (all versions)
  • rx_reset: to reset the counters
  • rx_disable: to disable the receiver
  • display [human or script]
  • statistics [counter, basic, or time]

to read the results

cat /proc/net/pktgen/pgrx

and change output format:

echo display script > /proc/net/pktgen/pgrx

examples for transmitting can be found at the examples folder. For more details look at the pktgen documetation in the linux kernel Documentation/networking/pktgen.txt

More information can be found at