Code for MonoCap: Monocular Human Motion Capture using a CNN Coupled with a Geometric Prior.
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This repository implements the 3D human pose estimation algorithm introduced in the following paper:

Monocap: Monocular human motion capture using a CNN coupled with a geometric prior. X. Zhou, M. Zhu, G. Pavlakos, S. Leonardos, K.G. Derpanis, K. Daniilidis. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (T-PAMI), 2018. Accepted.

How to use?

  1. Download data by running the following script in command line: bash
  2. Open MATLAB and run: startup
  3. Run the demo scripts:
  • demoH36M for an example from Human3.6M dataset
  • demoHG for an example of how to use our algorithm combined with the "Stacked hourglass network"
  • demoMPII for an example of how to reconstruct 3D poses from a single image from MPII dataset


  • The code for hourglass network in pose-hg-demo is from Newell et al.,
  • See the comments in demoHG.m for how to run hourglass network on your images and save heatmaps
  • If you want to use the hourglass network, you need to first install Torch and make it work
  • Generally "Hourglass network" + "poseDict-all-K128" (pose dictionary learned from Human3.6M) work well. For better 3D reconstruction, you can learn a 3D pose dictionary using your own mocap data. For more details on pose dictionary learning, please see the following project: sparse representation for shape estimation
  • The optimization could be accelerated by changing the initialization method to alternating by changing the option when calling PoseFromVideo: PoseFromVideo(...,'InitialMethod','altern')