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jQuery Navigation Plugin

Two possible nav effects so far: 'fade' and 'slide'.
I may add support for jQuery UI easing effects. It would be pretty easy, but not sure how good it would look

To do:
1. Make a vertical menu as well as the horizontal menu I have already.
2. Make the right side subitems fall to the left of the dropdown. Have the menu intelligently decide what side the submenu should fall on.
3. Make a fixed width or 'auto' width option for the top level items. This has proved difficult to support on IE.


itemWidth     -    Integer - width of each individual nav item
itemHeight    -    Integer - height of each individual nav item
navEffect     -    String - "slide","fade"; two options at the moment. slide or fade. Default has no effect
speed         -    Integer - the speed of the tranition effect
vertical      -    Boolean - default is a horizontal menu with vertical dropdowns. true - the top row is vertical

2.1 release note:

It's always bothered me that I got very lazy when I made this. I used it in commercial production years ago, but I always customised it. I have now removed most of the CSS that the plugin generates. I feel we are all big boys and girls now, and can look after the CSS ourselves.

I've taken out the negative margins. If you want borders, then set the height on the anchor and style that element. I still haven't done anythine with dynamic width, and probably won't. I probably will never do a vertical toprow layout (couldn't be bothered).

This will probably be my last update on this script, unless someone makes a specific request or I have a project that needs it again, and I want to do more work on it.

2.2 release notes:

I did go back and change the option itemWidth to accept the value 'auto'. The auto width option will only work if the white-space CSS property is set to nowrap as all the li's are floating.