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The kohanaPress is WordPress style blog system driven by kohana. Demo site:

V1.4 2012.06.28

  • I made modifications to Zend Paginator, to be modules of kohana.
  • Similarly I have also modified Zend Mail.
  • application/vendor/Zend folder is no longer required.
  • Move kohana-3.2-sample-code/zend folder under kohana/modules/ folder.
  • bootstrap.php was modified.

V1.3 2012.06.07

  • The name changed to "kohanaPress".
  • Added functions to manipulate the post.

V1.2 2012.06.01

  • Added media delete function.
  • Media view with ThickBox jQuery plugin.

V1.1 2012.05.26

  • Added media upload function.
  • This function uses Uploadify and ImageMgick.
  • You must install ImageMagick and Imagick.
  • Place 'uploads' folder under the document root(htdocs).
  • Image data will be stored in MySQL database by binary code.

V1.0 2012.05.19

  • The test12 is emulation code of WordPress.
  • Now you can do only get user acount, login, post new article.
  • Place 'includes' folder under the document root(htdocs).
  • Create tables in the kohana database by application/classes/model/test12/wordpress.sql,wp_post_images.sql
  • Write to the config/database.php file your user name and password for the kohana database.
  • A SMTP server is needed on your PC.
  • The ZendFramework is needed under kohana/application/vendor/Zend/ folder.

Acsess: http://localhost/kohana/test12

//by dari88