Simple, prettified class diagrams from Objective-C
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Generates yUML ( ) code from Objective-C++. Download latest build (OSX)


dfgrok class1.m class2.m ...

... or to see a visual representation of the changed files between master and dev: dfgrok `git diff --name-status dev..master | grep "\.m" | cut -c 3-`

... Then copy-paste output into

What's it for?

It just helps you to quickly see class relationships by creating a 'back of napkin' style diagram. It's useful as a starting point for looking at a bunch of unfamiliar classes or simply as a shared reference for discussion. Read more...

Example output





What's with the colours?

The idea is to reduce clutter by replacing some classes with colours. In the example above, any class that inherits from UIViewController is green. This means you can see at a glance what type of entity you are looking at without following the class heirarchy back, and there is no need to add the entity to the diagram.

Notes for contributors

The code is pretty messy at the moment so I apologise for that- the project is tracer code really for playing with libclang and yUML.