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Benchmark the same async program across Rust, OCaml, and F#.

These days, it's mostly used to benchmark F# in various different configurations.

Benchmark overview

This is a benchmark to test what's the best language for implementing Dark in. Dark already has an implementation, but we are looking for improvements, especially around async.

The benchmark is fizzbuzz: using an interpreter connected to web server, dynamically calculate fizzbuzz and return it as a JSON response. This is to test the raw speed of the HTTP server and interpreter.

The most important metric is requests/second.


No-one likes to see their favorite language lose at benchmarks, so please feel free to submit pull requests to improve existing benchmarks, or add new variations (different web servers, new languages/frameworks, etc). Some rules:

  • the interpreter must be easy to update, add to, and improve. As such, no microoptimizations, assembly code, JITs, etc. However, it is fine to:
    • add one-off fixes that for example, improve the compiler optimization settings, the webserver configuration, etc. Whatever you'd use for best performance in production is fine.
    • if the code had bad performance that's unfairly penalizing your language (eg due to a compiler bug), it's fine to propose alternatives
    • fix existing bad code (eg if data is being copied unnecessarily)
    • provide code review for existing implementations
  • I can't imagine all the ways that people will try to game this, so I'm definitely going to reject things that don't support how we'd actually want to write Dark's backend. New rules will come as this happens.

Overview of codebase

The benchmark is implemented in Requires wrk to be installed.

Run ./measure to test all the fizzbuzz implementations, or ./measure <directory_name1> <directory_name2> <etc> to test a subset of them.


Each benchmark candidate is in its own directory, which has some known files:

  • ./ - installs dependencies
  • ./ - builds the server. This should use release configuration
  • ./ - runs the server on port 5000
  • BROKEN - if this file exists, skip the implementation in this directory

Benchmarks implement a HTTP server connected to an interpreter which each implement a simple subset of the dark language.

The purpose of the benchmark is to establish:

  • how fast the language is
  • what is the cost of async
  • test variations of using async to see how performance can be improved

The sync implementation helps us figure out a baseline for the performance. We can then compare the sync and async implementation on fizzbuzz to see how much async costs.

Different languages can be compared async-vs-async for (which is raw performance given fizzbuzz constraints).

The optimized async implementation is to see the value of different optimizations and see if there are ways to optimize above a baseline async implementation.


Recent results are posted to the Result issue

Code of Conduct

Dark's community is held to the Dark Code of Conduct. Benchmarks can be contentious, please be kind to all people involved.