Suggest popular packages you would like to be supported by Django Suit #3

darklow opened this Issue Feb 25, 2013 · 97 comments


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darklow commented Feb 25, 2013

Please suggest packages you would like to be supported. Also vote for packages that are already suggested, so we know which are most wanted. Thank you.

I deleted comments with apps that have been already implemented. Here is the list of currently supported apps:

  • django-cms
  • django-filer
  • django-mptt
  • django-reversion
  • django-import-export

Documentation and examples:

Kilian commented Feb 25, 2013

As mentioned in #2 I would like Django-cms to be supported. A close second would be Zinnia.


Yeah, Zinnia support would be fantastic


django-mptt-tree-editor would be included with Django CMS support, right?

Also django-polymorphic.


I would love integration with django-admin tools, mainly for the feature that allows you to change the apps name in the admin. 

scdoshi commented Mar 6, 2013

Out of the box support for geodjango fields in the admin would be pretty awesome.

sveetch commented Mar 10, 2013

Django+cms and Zinnia support will be wonderful



zyukin commented Mar 14, 2013

django-redactor, django-reversion


As you've added support for django-cms and django-filer already, it would be cool to see django-form-designer ( getting supported too, as this is a much used plugin with django-cms. 😃

phihos commented May 21, 2013

What about the former contrib app django-databrowse? It was removed from 1.5 but still seems to be under active development (more or less at least):

For example a link to a model instance could lead to a corresponding databrowse url by default. There the user just can look a the data. When he wishes to edit it, he clicks the edit button on that page. I think accomplishing that is not that intrusive. I'll look into it myself, when I have the time ;-)


Will django-floppyforms ( work easily inside DS?

darklow commented May 24, 2013

@poptosic: Mezzanine

Unfortunately Grappelli is one of required dependencies for Mezzanine, which makes it kind awkward and hard to support them and it would "theme for theme" situation. I am not familiar with mezzanine so i am not sure how deep grappelli is integrated into mezzanine, but i think the only way we could add support for mezzanine is if it runs in standalone mode without grappelli too.

@gamesbook gamesbook referenced this issue in burke-software/django-mass-edit May 24, 2013

Integration with django-suit #3


Add support for django-guardian please. Thanks


+1 for django-polymorphic


Supporting for the tabbed navigation would be really great... thats actually the only thing why I'm not using django-suit right now :(



timsloan commented Jul 2, 2013

+1 FeinCMS


Modeltranslation in admin interface will be really great.

goinnn commented Jul 10, 2013 (to edit inline, e.g.: in the changelists) (to model translation)

guetux commented Aug 16, 2013

+1 for FeinCMS


I would really like support for a model translation package such as django-hvad (

ebertti commented Sep 3, 2013

+1 Feincms

ghost commented Sep 6, 2013

will be great if you guys could take a look at django-admin-tools. however seems I have to move forward first, since I need to use both django-suit and django-admin-tools within one project soon.

darklow commented Sep 6, 2013

will be great if you guys could take a look at django-admin-tools. however seems I have to move forward first, since I need to use both django-suit and django-admin-tools within one project soon.

@danielchang1991 i don't think it is possible to use django-suit and django-admin-tools together, because they both are doing same thing - extending lot of django admin original templates and there will be a lot of conflicts. I believe they will work, but templates/css/layout will be a mess. In comparison it would be same like using wordpress with two themes simultaneously which is impossible.

ghost commented Sep 6, 2013

@darklow Sorry I didn't make it clear. For my demand, it is about to integrate the fancy UI from django-suit and the all-in-one dashboard from django-admin-tool. Ya you're right, it will be a mess to join the templates without merge. :)

darklow commented Sep 6, 2013

@danielchang1991 Dashboard customisation is one of top priority features, that i will start as soon as summer ends. But right now you can take a look on this issue #49


django mptt tree editor:
It works with no changes but a little bit of styling would allow it to look much better inside Suit.

An alternative would be to add native support drag & drop reordering of MPTT models to Suit.

darklow commented Oct 7, 2013

@gamesbook i suggest you try out
It works with Django Suit without any customizations. I will add some examples to demo later.


I have looked at django-select2. Unfortunately, the poor documentation makes it close to unusable. django-selectable has a section in its docs on using it with grappelli ( that can maybe help with integration with suit?

rxdazn commented Oct 10, 2013

feincms 👍

czert commented Nov 4, 2013

+1 FeinCMS

x0nix commented Nov 11, 2013

+1 FeinCMS

wo0dyn commented Nov 19, 2013

+1 django-modeltranslation


Some sort of dashboard please

sthzg commented Feb 19, 2014

+1 django-modeltranslation


+1 django-modeltranslation


+1 for FeinCMS


+1 FeinCMS
+1 Zinnia

Hedde commented Apr 2, 2014

+1 FeinCMS

Hedde commented Apr 11, 2014

FeinCMS seems to work pretty decent already, only rich text editors are messed up

Just purchased a license 👍 keep up the great work.


+1 django-modeltranslation


It would be sweet if nested inlines were supported.

yuchant commented May 24, 2014

What part of polymorphic doesn't work? It works for me.

temrdm commented Jul 15, 2014

+1 django-modeltranslation


zinnia would be great, thanks!


django-reversion-compare would be sweet

jcga82 commented Sep 9, 2014

nested inline please!!!

smcoll commented Sep 19, 2014

+1 django-nested-inline


+1 django-nested-inline

furins commented Oct 31, 2014

+1 Modeltranslation


+1 django-rest-framework
+1 django-haystack

ometra commented Nov 1, 2014

+1 FeinCMS

sspross commented Nov 6, 2014

👍 FeinCMS

Snakeyyy commented Jan 6, 2015

+1 feinCMS


+1 Wagtail!


+1 FeinCMS
+1 django-rest-framework



guetux commented Jan 23, 2015

+1 Wagtail


+1 Wagtail, DRF, Fein

darklow commented Jan 30, 2015

@SalahAdDin @guetux @DylanLukes How can possibly Django Suit support wagtail if it has its own unique layout and templates?


@darklow +1 for your point on wagtail. I've been following the emails for this issue. How on earth would wagtail be supported @SalahAdDin @guetux @DylanLukes ?


I've been watching, Wagtail will implement personal customization modules to allow the Admin also it is common admin improve wagtail with django-admin, admin not own Wagtail.
Wagtail have used? Wagtail has an own dmin and one very simple to django-admin, was thinking of doing more complex the admin, at least similar to what used django cms and is implemented in the demo django-suit.
If I make me understand?
If you want i can put some images about it :D


And other +1 django-smart-selects :D


+1 django-modeltranslation

jowolf commented Apr 16, 2015
  • Mezzanine
  • Grappelli itself

It's not impossible, just difficult - IMHO the Mezzanine fork of Grappelli might be a little easier to do.

The issue is, Django-Filebrowser is a necessary functionality for many people/projects, including Mezzanine, and it depends on (and is written by the author of) Grappelli - even though Grappelli itself is largely unneccessary.

There are forks of Filebrowser out there with no Grappelli, but they mostly are unsupported after a while, and none have gained enough traction to stay current - so most people are stuck with either the Grappelli/Filebrowser combination, or the Mezzanine fork of both.

As I recall, the author of Grappelli has stated his intention not to do a mobile / responsive version, nor migrate to newer tech like Bootstrap3.


+1 Wagtail 👍


+1 FeinCMS
+1 django-rest-framework


+1 django-fluent-pages and django-fluent-contents


django-daterange-filter so that users can filter dates in date range intervals. Most up-to-date fork is here:

This other fork is attempting to integrate but it's not looking flawless:


+1 django-modeltranslation


👍 django-model-translate

caullla commented Oct 5, 2015

django-model-translate +1

EnTeQuAk commented Nov 3, 2015

django-parler / django-hvad :)


+1 django-selectable o/

abidibo commented Nov 23, 2015

+1 django-modeltranslation


👍 django-modeltranslation.

lllama commented Dec 11, 2015



I would like to suggest integration with django-nested-admin

cmivxx commented May 9, 2016

As per this comment: Any chance of a selectable date range filter? Or is there an alternative to this already in the works?


+1 Feincms


+1 django-daterange-filter

madthew commented Aug 23, 2016

+1 django-daterange-filter

  • 1 django-modeltranslation

+1 django-modeltranslation

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