PostMessager is a MooTools wrapper for the window.postMessage API.
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PostMessager is a MooTools plugin that acts as a wrapper for the window.postMessage API which is available in IE8+, Firefox 3.1+, Opera 9+, Safari, and Chrome. PostMessager also normalizes the onMessage event for use within MooTools.


How to Use

PostMessager instances can be created at any time. Two arguments are accepted: the destination window and the instance options.


/* Get hold of an iFrame */
var domain = '';
var iframe ='listenerFrame').contentWindow;

/* Create a PostMessager instance */
var messager = new PostMessager(iframe,{
	allowReceive: true,
	allowSend: true,
	validReceiveURIs: [''],
	onSend: function(message,dest) {
		console.log('sending "',message,'" to ',dest);
	onReceive: function(message,source,origin) {
		console.log('received message "',message,'" from ',origin,' at ',source);
		this.reply('Got it!',source,origin);

/* Send a message to the iFrame! */
messager.send('Hello from the parent window!',domain);

PostMessager handles sending, receiving, and replying to messages. Optimally you would add an instance to each frame.

For specific usage and options, please read the documentation or visit