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Proof of Concept example of Android Malware used for Research Purposes
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Android Malware Example

this project is a security proof of concept that shows the ability of simple android SDK features to implement a Malware feature set on Android phones.

Note: This program is not intended to be stealthy or use bugs in the androind OS/SDK to hid the application or the install of it. This software should not be used in the wild, or without the express concent of the device owner/operator

The Android Malware Example demonstrates the following abilites:

  1. Using a Command and Control server to send commands to the device

  2. Use of encryption for the following:

  3. SSL communications with the server

  4. SSL certificate validation to prevent SSL MiTM attacks

  5. encrypt files before sending to the server

  6. Ransomware feature to encrypt files on the device SD card

  7. Background service which restarts on phone boot

  8. SMS listener for inbound command activation

  9. The following Malware Features are implemented and send thier data to the CNC Server

  10. Get Wifi Network information

  11. Get Phone information

  12. Get Accounts configured on the device

  13. Get all Contacts on the phone

  14. Get the Phone Logs

  15. Get SMS Logs

  16. Get Bluetooth device information

  17. Get System Logs

  18. Get GPS Location

  19. Get list of files on the SD Card

  20. Send a File from the device to the CNC Server

  21. Download a file from a URL and place it on the phone.

  22. Encrypt/Decrypt all files on the SD card with a password (Ransomware)

  23. Record audio on the device

  24. Get list of installed Applications.

  25. Send and SMS message to a phone number.

  26. Configure a delay to check back with the CNC server

  27. The following features are not implemented due to recent changes in the SDK which prevent them

  28. access to browser history via the SDK

  29. SDK access to the Camera in a way which hides the UI and takes a picture

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