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Data Commons Python Client API

This is a Python library for accessing data in the Data Commons knowledge graph. To get started, install this package from pip.

pip install datacommons

Once the package is installed, import datacommons.

import datacommons as dc

You will also need to provision an API key by enabling the Data Commons API on GCP. Once you have the API key, simply add the following line to your code.


For more detail on getting started with the API, please visit Getting Started.

After you're ready to use the API, you can refer to datacommons/examples for examples on how to use this package to perform various tasks. More tutorials and documentation can be found at tutorials!

About Data Commons

Data Commons is an Open Knowledge Graph that provides a unified view across multiple public data sets and statistics. You can view what datasets are currently ingested and browse the graph using our browser.


Apache 2.0


The Python Client API currently supports python>=2.7. We use bazel as our build system. To test, first install bazel then run the following:

$ bazel build //...
$ bazel test //...



For general questions or issues about the API, please open an issue on our issues page. For all other questions, please send an email to

Note - This is not an officially supported Google product.

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