Typescript wrappers for core Meteor functionalities.
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Warning: this project is not maintained or actively developed.

Meteor Typescript utils

This package provides Typescript wrappers for core Meteor functionalities. This lets develop Meteor projects with the full type safety of Typescript.

Check out sample Meteor project: https://github.com/dataflows/meteor-typescript-utils-example

What's included

  1. Typescript typings for Meteor, Iron:Router, Lodash and this package (meteorts).
  2. Typed wrappers for Meteor methods
  3. Typed wrappers for Meteor Templates
  4. Typed wrappers for Iron:Router routes


  1. Add Meteor package: meteor add dataflows:typescript-utils.
  2. Copy typings from typings directory into your project so that you can reference them.



# Define method:
interface ISaveClickArgs {
    name: string;
var SaveClick = new MeteorMethod<ISaveClickArgs, void>("SaveClick");

# Call method:
SaveClick.call({ name: name });


class MainTemplateContext extends MainTemplateData {
    @MeteorTemplate.event("click #heybutton")
    buttonClick(event: Meteor.Event, template: Blaze.Template): void {
        // ...

    clicksCount(): number {
        // ...

class MainTemplate extends MeteorTemplate.Base<MainTemplateData> {
    constructor() {
        super("MainTemplate", new MainTemplateContext());

    rendered(): void {
        // ...

MeteorTemplate.register(new MainTemplate());


    export class SingleClickController extends RouteControllerBase<router.ISingleClickRouteParams> {
        public template: string = ...;

        public waitOn(): any {
            // ...

        public data(): any {
            // ... this.params holds typed route params

For developers


tsc src/**/*.ts --out dist/meteor-typescript-utils.js --module commonjs


This project is provided on the MIT license.