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Ruby Config File Parser for Standard Unix/Linux Type Config Files
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Ruby ParseConfig Library

ParseConfig provides simple parsing of standard configuration files in the form of 'param = value'. It also supports nested [group] sections.

Continuous Integration Status


$ sudo gem install parseconfig


 gem 'parseconfig'


An example configuration file might look like:

# Example Config
param1 = value1
param2 = value2

group1_param1 = group1_value1
group1_param2 = group1_value2

group2_param1 = group2_value1
group2_param2 = group2_value2

Access it with ParseConfig:

>> require 'parseconfig'
=> true

>> config ='/path/to/config/example.conf')
=> #<ParseConfig:0x102410908
      @groups=["group1", "group2"],

>> config.get_params
=> ["param1", "param2", "group1", "group2"]

>> config['param1']
=> "value1"

>> config.get_groups
=> ["group1", "group2"]

>> config['group1']
=> {"group1_param1"=>"group1_value1", "group1_param2"=>"group1_value2"}

>> config['group1']['group1_param1']
=> "group1_value1"

>> file ='/path/to/config/file', 'w')
=> #<File:file>
>> config.write(file)
=> []
>> file.close
=> nil


The ParseConfig library is Open Source and distributed under the MIT license. Please see the LICENSE file included with this software.

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