Relational data pipelines for the science lab
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Welcome to DataJoint for Python!

DataJoint for Python is a high-level programming interface for relational databases designed to support data processing chains in science labs. DataJoint is built on the foundation of the relational data model and prescribes a consistent method for organizing, populating, and querying data.

DataJoint was initially developed in 2009 by Dimitri Yatsenko in Andreas Tolias' Lab for the distributed processing and management of large volumes of data streaming from regular experiments. Starting in 2011, DataJoint has been available as an open-source project adopted by other labs and improved through contributions from several developers.

Vathes LLC supports DataJoint for Python as an open-source project and everyone is welcome to contribute.


pip3 install datajoint

If you already have an older version of DataJoint installed using pip, upgrade with

pip3 install --upgrade datajoint

Documentation and Tutorials

A number of labs are currently adopting DataJoint and we are quickly getting the documentation in shape in February 2017.