R package, using vis.js library for network visualization
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R package, using vis.js library for network visualization. visNetwork is now available on CRAN.

Online documentation


And have a look to multiple R examples, vis.js documentation (visDocumentation).


2.0.4 available on CRAN

  • Update to fontAwesome 4.7.0

  • Fix node's id bug on collapse

  • Add main argument to selectedBy and nodesIdSelection

  • Add sparkline graphics in visTree

  • New visHclust for visualize Hierarchical cluster analysis

  • New visNetworkEditor and module visNetworkEditorUI to use visConfigure javascript functionnalities in R and shiny

  • Add zoom to visLegend

  • to vis.js 4.20.1

  • Add input$network_initialized

  • Add background to visNetwork

  • Fix visTreeEditor bug using rpart object

  • visTreeEditor : add complexity parameters

  • Fix layout control in visIgraph & visIgraphLayout

  • Add support for edges color/label using highlightNearest/selectedBy

  • New collapse features (?visOptions)

  • New proxy methods : visGetBoundingBox, visGetConnectedEdges, visGetConnectedNodes, visGetEdges, visGetNodes, visGetPositions, visGetScale, visGetSelectedEdges, visGetSelectedNodes, visGetSelection, visGetViewPosition

  • init visTree, to visualize rpart object, visTreeEditor and visTreeModuleServer

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# devtools::install_github("datastorm-open/visNetwork") for development version


# minimal example
nodes <- data.frame(id = 1:3)
edges <- data.frame(from = c(1,2), to = c(1,3))
visNetwork(nodes, edges)

# vignette

# full javascript documentation

# shiny example
shiny::runApp(system.file("shiny", package = "visNetwork"))