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graphql-mode is an emacs mode to edit GraphQL schema and queries.


graphql-mode can be installed from MELPA repository at

Once the installation is completed, any file with a .graphql extension will be loaded with this mode.

You can optionally install json-mode, and it will be enabled in the buffer that contains the response from a GraphQL service.

Querying Endpoints

To send a query to a server, you will first need the request package. Then use graphql-send-query (C-c C-c) to send a query.

If you have a .graphqlconfig file, you can select an endpoint configuration with graphql-select-endpoint (C-c C-l).

To send additional headers for a request, graphql-extra-headers must be set. It is automatically set by graphql-select-endpoint, or you can edit its value using JSON with graphql-edit-headers (C-c e h).