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Welcome to Expert Guide, a Norton Guide reader for GNU/Linux[1]

To build eg all you need to do is type 'make'. You will need a copy of the
slang library installed, if you don't have slang, pop over to and get it.

To install all you need do is type 'make install'. Please check the settings
at the top of the Makefile before building and/or installing.

Documentation is a little thin on the ground at the moment. There is a man
page which explains the basics of getting eg running but I still need to
write a user document. However, anyone who has ever used Norton Guide or
Expert Help should get to grips with Expert Guide with few problems.

Please direct any feedback to The latest version of eg will
always be available at <URL:>.

eg is developed on and for Linux. It should also compile under DOS using
DJGPP and slang compiled for DJGPP. It may compile on other systems that
have the slang library. If it does, please let me know. If you had to do
anything special to make it compile, I'd love a patch off of you.

Please remember to read the files 'Changes', 'BUGS' and 'TODO'.

Hmm, and that's it I think. Have fun.

[1]  And, perhaps, other Unix clones and Unix platforms[2]. If you make it work
on a different platform please let me know.

[2]  Including macOS, as of December 2015.