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A collection of XSLT stylesheets designed for processing MathML (mainly) but also HTML and perhaps OpenMath. Mostly they will be documented on the blog, tagged with googlecode.

Currently this collection comprises of the following

  • c2s, documentation tagged c2s
    XSLT (by Robert Miner mostly) to convert Content MathML into the Strict Content MathML form, using the algorithm detailed in Chapter 4 of the MathML3 spec.
  • ctop, documentation tagged ctop
    Stylesheet converting Content MathML to Presentation MathML. This is XSLT 1.0, to allow use within a browser. This code may also be used under the Apache 2, W3C Software Notice and License or MPL version 1.1 or 2.0 as alternatives to the MIT licence under which the web-xslt collection is distributed.
  • htmlparse, documentation tagged htmlparse
    HTML parser, implemented in XSLT 2.0.
  • node-set, documentation tagged nodeset
    XSLT 1.0 (extended) stylesheet giving cross browser support for the EXSLT node-set extension.
  • pmathml, documentation tagged pmathml
    XSLT 1 stylesheet enabling MathML support in various browsers.
  • pmathmlascii, documentation tagged pmathmlascii
    XSLT 2.0 stylesheet displaying MathML as ASCII-art in a style similar to older terminal interfaces of computer algebra systems.
  • pmml2tex, documentation tagged pmml2tex
    XSLT 2 stylesheet converting Presentation MathML to TeX for rendering to pdf, etc.
  • mmlclipboard, documentation tagged mmlclipboard
    Small C# code example for a windows form application that displays any XML on the windows clipboard tagged with the MathML flavor.
  • polyglototron, documentation tagged polyglot
    Schematron file to check the constraints in the HTML5 polyglot spec (html/xhtml compatibility). This check assumes that the input is well formed XML and valid HTML(5) and then checks constraints such that that compatible parse trees should result.


XSLT and javascript code intended mostly for manipulating MathML and OpenMath.







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