Jenkins/Kube/Helm demo for Code One 2018
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Jenkins/Kube/Helm demo for Code One 2018

Demo project used at Oracle Code One 2018 showing deployment of Jenkins to Kubernetes with Helm and deployment from Jenkins to Kubernetes using Helm. The associated presentation can be found on SlideShare. The Jenkins X demo video is available here.


brew cask install minikube
minikube start
minikube addons enable registry
brew install kubectl
brew install kubernetes-helm

Set up Helm

helm init --wait

Deploy Jenkins

The demo.yaml overrides contain some settings designed to increase the speed of startup for demonstration purposes. They don't necessarily reflect what you should do in a production scenario!

helm install --name cd -f demo.yaml stable/jenkins
printf $(kubectl get secret --namespace default cd-jenkins -o jsonpath="{.data.jenkins-admin-password}" | base64 --decode);echo
minikube service cd-jenkins

Deploy app

  1. Create a pipeline job with a fork of this repository as the Git source for the pipeline.
  2. Clicking Build now will push an image to the registry.
  3. Run helm create hello.
  4. Modify service.type in hello/values.yaml from ClusterIP to NodePort.
  5. Replace Jenkinsfile with
  6. Push changes and re-build.