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Tech Radar Example

Tech Radar website using Jekyll and blips-chart.

See demo here.

A Tech Radar is a list of technologies, complemented by an assessment result, called ring assignment. The Tech Radar is a tool to inspire and support developers to pick the best technologies; it provides a platform to share knowledge and experience in technologies, to reflect on technology decisions and continuously evolve our technology landscape.

This projects is based on the pioneering work of ThoughtWorks and the open source project of Zalando.

All data are handled using Jekyll collections.

The following data are handled:

  • quadrants: list of quadrants inside the radar (must be 4), see _data/quadrants.yml.
  • rings: list of rings inside the radar (must be 4), see _data/.rings.yml
  • blips: list of technologies, see _blips/
  • categories: list of categories, generated automatically from blips
  • testimonials: list of projects that make use of a technology

All data are stored as html or markdown files, no database is required.

Adding and updating content

To add or update the list of technologies inside the radar just change the files inside the _blips directory. Each blip is composed by a markdown file with the following structure:

title: MongoDb                      # Name of the technology
longTitle: MongoDb                  # optional
quadrant: DATA                      # DATA, PLATFORMS, PATTERNS or LANGUAGES
ring: ADOPT                         # HOLD, ASSESS, TRIAL or ADOPT
website:   # official website, optional
moved: 0                            # 0=not moved (default), 1=moved up, -1=moved down, optional
categories: [database]              # list of categories, optional
testimonials: [project1]            # list of testimonials, optional
stack: [web]                        # list of stack in which this technology is used, optional
version: 1.0                        # version, optional

some description



bundle install
bundle exec jekyll build


bundle install
bundle exec jekyll serve --livereload