Matrices and vectors of are real, complex, and symbolic elements, implemented as Lua tables.
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== Description ==

LuaMatrix - Matrices and matrix operations implemented in pure Lua.

This supports operations on matrices and vectors whose elements are
real, complex, or symbolic.  Implemented entirely in Lua as tables.
Includes a complex number data type too.

For details on use, see the comments in matrix.lua and complex.lua,
as well as the test suite.

To install, copy matrix.lua and complex.lua into your LUA_PATH.  The
modules can alternately be installed via LuaRocks ("luarocks install

== Project Page ==

== Credits ==

Authors: Michael Lutz (original author), David Manura (maintainer).
Bug fixes/comments: Geoff Richards, SatheeshJM, Martin Ossmann,
and others.

== License ==

See the LICENSE.txt file for licensing details.