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Sweep - a small promicro based keyboard inspired by the Ferris.


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Bluetooth Sweep 2 + MBK Legend Keycaps

What is sweep?

Sweep is a version of the more fabulous Ferris by Pierre Chevalier that uses a daughter board like a promicro, elite-c, bit-c, nice!nano etc. instead of using onboard components.

What are the different types?

⭐ Sweep 2 - Recommended Choc v1 board with all the features.
⭕ Sweep Half Swept - Same as Sweep 2, but with a reversible pro-micro footprint.
⭕ Sweep Bling MX - An MX only Sweep that features Kailh's hotswap sockets and a stacked case.
⭕ Sweep Bling LP - A Choc v1 only Sweep that features Kailh's hotswap sockets.
⭕ Sweep High - Same as the Sweep 2, but trades choc spacing for compatibility with more switches and keycaps.
⭕ Sweep High M - A soldered MX only Sweep, with a reversible PCB design.
⭕ Sweep Mini - The only version that supports Choc minis.

Device On/Off Switch[1] Reversible PCB[2] Choc V1 Choc V2 Choc Mini MX & Alps Choc Spacing[3] Tenting[4] Hot Swap
Sweep2.x Mill-Max (optional)
Sweep Bling LP Kailh (required)
Sweep Bling MX
Kailh (required)
Sweep High
Sweep High M MX
Sweep Half Swept Mill-Max (optional)
Sweep Mini

Note: All versions support bluetooth with Nice!Nano

[1] An on/off switch is recommended for bluetooth builds.
[2] With a reversible PCB it's easier to make mistakes during assembly, but it allows you to purchase less boards.
[3] Choc spaced boards have the switches in a tighter grid. This provides a better final look but is only compatible with some choc keycaps. (e.g. MBK)
[4] Supports splitkb's tenting puck.
[5] MX + kailh hotswap ONLY. Alps are NOT supported.

Components list

To build and use a Sweep you will need:

  • 1x PCB Kit
  • 2x promicro compatible boards or 2 nice!nanos.
  • 34 switches of a compatible type (refer to the compatibility table)
  • 34 keycaps
  • 2x reset switches (optional; B3U-1000P(M))
  • Some little rubber feet/bumpers
  • 2x power switches (optional if supported; MSK 12C02)
  • 1x TRRS (not TRS!) cable (wired build only)
  • 2x TRRS Jack [PJ-320A] (wired build only)
  • 1 USB Cable (depends on your micro-controller choice)

How do I make this thing?


The firmware can be found with the Ferris firmware as part of QMK.

Firmware for zmk and bluemicro_ble is called "Cradio".

Who made this?