Find an e-mail address of a Github user.
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Find an e-mail address of a Github user from their commit log.

Fue is short for "Finding Unicorn Engineers".


gem install fue

Find Someone's Email

The find command looks through user's initial repository commits.

$ fue find defunkt

Chris Wanstrath <>
Chris Wanstrath <>

Specify More Depth

By default the code looks at 1 commit from the last 10 repositories. You can look at more repositories (breadth) and more commits (depth). The maximum value for depth is 100, enforced by Github. Fue will iterate over a number of repositories larger than 100.

$ fue find --breadth=100 --depth=5 defunkt

Chris Wanstrath <>
Chris Wanstrath <>
defunkt <>

Get Help

fue help

Displays additional options.

Access Tokens

Fue will prompt you for Github credentials and 2FA, if enabled.

$ fue find defunkt
Enter dblock's GitHub password (never stored): ******************
Enter GitHub 2FA code: ******
Token saved to keychain.

The access token will be generated with public_repo scope and stored in the keychain. It can be later deleted from here. You can also skip the prompts and use a previously obtained token with -t or by setting the GITHUB_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable.

See Creating a Personal Access Token for the Command Line for more information about personal tokens.


There are a few feature requests and known issues. Please contribute! See CONTRIBUTING.

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) 2018, Daniel Doubrovkine, Artsy, with help from Orta.

This project is licensed under the MIT License.