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A set of utilities and improvements for managing data (fixtures specifically) in Django.


    # ...



An improved version of the dumpdata command:

  • Adds a --limit option to specify the maximum number of objects per model to fetch.
  • Adds a --sort option to specify ascending or descending order for serialization.
  • Automatically follows the dependency graph for ForeignKeys and ManyToManyFields.
# Retrieve the latest 10000 thread objects with all their required dependencies
python dumpdata forums.thread --limit=10000 --sort=desc



Efficient iteration over a large collection of database objects, using a standard range pattern on the primary key.

from datatools.query import RangeQuerySetWrapper

qs = RangeQuerySetWrapper(Model.objects.all(), limit=100000)
for obj in qs:
    print "Got %r!" % obj
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