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NOTE: This file was converted from Japanese by Google Translate. See the Japanese README for accurate and more detailed information / 日本語 README.

mruby-gemcut provide a mechanism to selectively incorporate mruby-gems pre-installed in build_config.rb after mrb_open_core().

It is possible to configure individual mruby vm which omits / restricts functions in one executable file and the same process space as necessary.


When doing mrb_open() or mrb_open_alloc() you can not do mruby gemcut API for the purpose of avoiding double initialization.

Please do mruby_gemcut_pickup() and mruby_gemcut_commit() just after doing mrb_open_core ().

What you can do

gemcut C API

  • gem processing API
    • MRB_API int mruby_gemcut_imitate_to (mrb_state * dest, mrb_state * src);
      src transfers the selected gems to dest.
    • MRB_API void mruby_gemcut_clear (mrb_state * mrb);
      Discards all currently selected gems and makes nothing selected.
    • MRB_API int mruby_gemcut_pickup (mrb_state * mrb, const char name []);
      Select a gem that matches the name argument.
      name is case sensitive.
    • MRB_API struct RException * mruby_gemcut_commit (mrb_state * mrb);
      Initialize the currently selected gems so that it can be used.
      After calling this function, you can not call this function again.
      Exceptions that occurred during initialization are internally captured and returned as return values.
  • State acquisition API
    • MRB_API mrb_value mruby_gemcut_available_list (mrb_state * mrb);
      Returns an array of the names of available gems included in build_config.rb.
    • MRB_API mrb_value mruby_gemcut_committed_list (mrb_state * mrb);
      mruby_gemcut_commit () and returns an array of names of gems initialized.
    • MRB_API int mruby_gemcut_available_size (mrb_state * mrb);
      Returns the number of available gems included in build_config.rb.
    • MRB_API int mruby_gemcut_commit_size (mrb_state * mrb);
      mruby_gemcut_commit () and returns the number of initialized gems.
    • MRB_API mrb_bool mruby_gemcut_available_p (mrb_state * mrb, const char name []);
      Make sure that gem is available.
    • MRB_API mrb_bool mruby_gemcut_committed_p (mrb_state * mrb, const char name []);
      Make sure that gem is initialized.
  • mruby module API
    • MRB_API int mruby_gemcut_define_module (mrb_state * mrb);
      Initialize the available Gemcut module from mruby space.
      If you want to use the gemcut mruby API, you need to call this function.

gemcut mruby API

  • module Gemcut
    • Gemcut.pickup(gemname)
    • Gemcut.commit
    • Gemcut.available_list
    • Gemcut.committed_list
    • Gemcut.available_size
    • Gemcut.commit_size
    • Gemcut.available?(gemname)
    • Gemcut.committed?(gemname)

How to install

If you want to depend on mruby gem package, write it in mrbgem.rake.

# mrbgem.rake"mruby-XXX") do |spec|
  spec.add_dependency "mruby-gemcut", github: "dearblue/mruby-gemcut"

When adding as gem to build_config.rb, you need to include the include directory of mruby-gemcut. do |conf|
  conf.gem "mruby-gemcut", github: "dearblue/mruby-gemcut"
  gemcut_incdir = "<Fetch the directory somehow>" << gemcut_incdir

How to use

A sample is shown with mrb1 including only mruby-sprintf + mruby-print and mrb2 with mruby-math added to mrb1.

First, add mruby gems you want to use to build_config.rb.

# build_config.rb do |conf|
  conf.toolchain :gcc
  conf.gem core: "mruby-math"
  conf.gem core: "mruby-sprintf"
  conf.gem core: "mruby-print"
  conf.gem "YOUR-BIN-TOOL"
# YOUR-BIN-TOOL/mrbgem.rake"YOUR-BIN-TOOL") do |spec| = "YOURNAME"
  spec.license = "NYSL" # Likely Public Domain; See
  spec.add_dependency "mruby-gemcut", github: "dearblue/mruby-gemcut"
  spec.bins = %w(YOUR-BIN)

Then write mrb_open_core () and mruby gemcut API in your execution code.

/* YOUR-BIN-TOOL/tools/YOUR-BIN/tool.c */

#include <mruby.h>
#include <mruby-gemcut.h>

main(int argc, char *argv[])
  mrb_state *mrb1 = mrb_open_core(mrb_default_allocf, NULL);
  mruby_gemcut_pickup(mrb1, "mruby-sprintf");
  mruby_gemcut_pickup(mrb1, "mruby-print");
  mruby_gemcut_commit(mrb1); /* From this point on, mruby_gemcut_pickup () will not be accepted for mrb1 */

  mrb_state *mrb2 = mrb_open_core(mrb_default_allocf, NULL);
  mruby_gemcut_imitate_to(mrb2, mrb1);  /* Make the same mruby gems configuration as mrb1 */
  mruby_gemcut_pickup(mrb2, "mruby-math");
  mruby_gemcut_commit(mrb2); /* From this point on, mruby_gemcut_pickup () will not be accepted for mrb2 */

   * Process mrb1 and mrb2 amusingly funny

  return 0;



runtime reconfigurer for mruby gems








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