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We're Decentology

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At Decentology we believe in making blockchain more accessible for mainstream users with the goal of making a better world. Together, we believe we can onboard the first 10 million developers to the blockchain.

We believe decentralized technology has the potential to help create a better, more equitable world where everyone has access to a decent quality of life. That equitable world starts with developers. It starts with the people who will explore, experiment, and build.

What we're working on

  • Hyperverse: a platform that makes it easy for devs to build and consume smart contract primitives as effortlessly as web2 APIs, with monetization and an insurance layer provided by auditor staking.

  • DappStarter - a full stack development environment for blockchains, supporting your choice of blockchain and blockchain language as well as an integrated front end user experience in your choice of client side framework.

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  1. Tightly coupled client side with Hyperverse package implementations.

    TypeScript 19 41

  2. CLI client for TryCrypto to initialize a DappStarter project

    TypeScript 52 20

  3. JavaScript 11 11

  4. DappStarter modules created and maintained by Decentology

    JavaScript 7 4



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