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A set of handy tools to make it easier for Operations teams to run to Trend Micro Deep Security.
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Ops Tools for Deep Security

A set of handy tools to make it easier to run to Deep Security.

Table of Contents

Manager Tools

Query the status of, enable, or disable relay functionality on an agent
Used by our cloud formation projects to ensure the correct cloud connector sync'd object is activated
Create an IAM user and associated keys, then use those keys to create the DS cloud connector
Create cloud accounts for all regions
Create cloud account for GovCloud
Create new tenant


Query the status of, enable, or disable relay functionality on an agent
Create or update an IPS rule which a list of IPS to be blocked based on header added by an AWS ELB
Configure manager agent communication direction on a policy
Get summary of all host objects in deep security manager similar to dashboard status widget
Get detailed agent and am engine versions for a host object
Get all computer created system events for a given time frame
Get all firewall rules for a given host object
Get all ips rules assigned to a policy for each host object in the DSM
Get count of assigned and recommended rules for each host object in the DSM
Get all interfaces and their mac addresses for a given host object
Get a simple count of all Unmanaged vs not Unmanaged hosts in the DSM
Rest call to get a Security ID token for subsequent calls. SID returned may be used for SOAP or REST calls
Rest call to get list of current components available in the DSM
Setup script to leave the caller with a current token in $SID and ManagerService instance in $DSM for use in interactive shell. Also starting authenticaiton for new scripts

Scheduled Task Scripts

Allows Deep Security to communicate exclusively with strong ciphers

Agent tools

UserData and CfnInit snippets for use in integrating Deep Security Agent deployment in AWS automation tooling

Query the local DSA for its current policyid and policyname
Working project 'one script to rule them all'; single bash script to download, install, and activate a deep security agent on any linux distro, arch, and version


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For bug reports or feature requests, please open an issue. You are welcome to contribute.

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