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A unified framework completely adapted to exploit underlying heterogeneous HPC and Big Data architectures


  1. eddl Public

    European Distributed Deep Learning (EDDL) library. A general-purpose library initially developed to cover deep learning needs in healthcare use cases within the DeepHealth project.

    C++ 32 10

  2. ecvl Public

    European Computer Vision Library (ECVL). A general-purpose computer vision library developed to support healthcare use cases within the DeepHealth project, with the aim of facilitating the integrat…

    C++ 12 1

  3. Use case pipelines based on EDDL and ECVL libraries. Different tasks (e.g. classification and segmentation) and datasets (e.g. MNIST, ISIC, and PNEUMOTHORAX) are taken into account.

    Python 2 4

  4. pyeddl Public

    Python wrapper for the EDDL library.

    C++ 11 2

  5. pyecvl Public

    Python wrapper for the ECVL.

    C++ 3 2

  6. docker-libs Public

    Docker images to develop and run software based on the EDDL and ECVL libraries and their respective Python interfaces (PyEDDL and PyECVL).

    Makefile 2 2


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