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A URL shortener, but it makes the URLs look extremely dodgy instead
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A URL shortener but instead of shortening the URL it makes it look extremely dodgy

Sample URLs: ->*OMGb=B5+b+)u6)DU882bitcoin.xlsx.pdf ->*m[uO409index.apk.pem.dmg ->!downloader.min.css.dmg

How does it work?

When you give it a URL, a randomy sketchy URL path (the bit after the /) is generated. The mapping between the real URL and the sketchy one is then saved. Since only the part after the / matters, you can use any domain you like.


All of these links go to the same place (this page):


POST /sketchify
    'long_url': ''

Will return*OMGb=B5+b+)u6)DU882bitcoin.xlsx.pdf

Go for it!


@ me on twitter: @mangopdf

This whole thing was inspired by wanting to give ShadyURL some new and spicy features.

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