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GitOps deployment example to Kubernetes from GitHub.
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Deliverybot GitOps example

This example sets up a GitHub repository as a source of truth for Flux to read and to apply manifests into your Kubernetes cluster. It also has a corresponding GitHub action which can push manifests to this repository to deploy your code.

This brings the benefits of GitOps together with the ease of managing deployment automation with Deliverybot. Click a button and watch manifests be updated and deployed to your Kubernetes cluster!

Flux diagram

This is currently in beta and the API around this may change.

Getting started

Requires cfssl to be installed along with helm and kubectl.

  1. Copy this repository to your organization.

  2. Run the ./ script to setup FluxCD or follow this guide here. GIT_PATH=deploy NAMESPACE=kube-system ./
  1. Create a new repository to emulate an application that you want to deploy to Kubernetes and install the GitOps action

  2. Install the repository on Deliverybot.

  3. Trigger a deployment and watch the action push a change to your flux repo!

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