Install Fest Prep

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DECOMMISSIONED PAGE: Essex install fest on March 8th.

Please see OpenStack-Essex-Barclamps for the latest about OpenStack Essex!

NOTE: This page will be updated frequently up to and during 3/8.


Rob Hirschfeld's Summary:


Note: Skype history at end of page...

Getting in touch

skype - ping dellcrowbar with the word "essex barclamp" and we'll pull you into the "OpenStack Essex" group chat - #crowbar (or if IRC is blocked for you)

We will have sessions at the top of every hour (recorded and posted). The sessions will have 5 minutes of coordination and then dig into different topics. The tentative order is:

  • 10 EST (9 C/7 P) - Setup Install Environment
  • 11 EST Kickoff & DevStack
  • 12 EST Keystone & Nova
  • 1 EST Crowbar
  • 2 EST Chef
  • 3 EST Demo of where we are
  • 4 EST Quantum

Stuff To Do

There is a collection of open items on this page. Feel free to add your ideas and update status for stuff you're working on!

We're actively working on the key components (keystone, nova and Horizon) - and will update the status as the github branch comes together.


Please RSVP if you plan to be at a physical location (so we can order food):

Name Company Github Skype Twitter Location
Rob Hirschfeld Dell CloudEdge DellCrowbar @Zehicle Austin (TechRanch)
Greg Althaus Dell galthaus greg.althaus   Austin (TechRanch)
Andi Abes Dell a_abes a_abbes @a_abes Boston
Dave Lapsley Nicira davlap davidlapsley @davlaps Boston/San Francisco
Matt Ray Opscode mattray matthewhray @mattray Austin
Jason Cannavale Rackspace jcannava jasoncannavale @jcannava San Antonio
Keith Hudgins Enstratus khudgins khudgins42 @keithhudgins Atlanta
Evan Callicoat Rackspace Apsu vizgot @thediopter San Antonio
Scott Purcell Dell texastwister   @texastwister Round Rock, TX
Neil Jubinville Orbital Software Solutions njubinvi   Alberta, Canada
Paul Webster Dell Paul-Webster campaw14 @campaw Nashua, NH

Target and scope

  • Get deployers in the community on the same channel, and work together to resolve deployment issues
  • All are welcomed, for all OS's Config mgmt systems and idioms.
  • deploy Essex-4 milestone:
    • Keystone light switch over (integ into glance, nova, swift & horizon)
    • Nova updates, and API extension support
    • Quantum, in some basic mode, at a minimum with: + Basic VLAN plugin (no OpenVSwitch) + multi machine deployment
  • If you are following the Dev tool build instructions to create an ISO or barclamps for the install, you should use "./dev build --os ubuntu-12.04 --release essex-hack --branch openstack-os-build"
  • My team's primary focus would be around using chef cookbooks that can be stand alone or integrated into bigger solution
  • Packages to use. Options include:
    • Ubuntu is putting out Precise and Oneric Packages
    • RCB is putting out packages for Oneric
    • Fedora? Redhat? Others?
    • Install from Tarball ? PPA?

Prep work and assumed knowledge

The intent of this get together is to have a high bandwidth integration session, aimed at getting as many issues and problems resolved. It is not meant as a tutorial or gentle intro (think 300 level class). To be effective, before the actual day of:

  • pick a deployment technology (puppet, Chef, devStack, devStackPY)
    • get to know the tweaks required to deploy a multi-node environment using this technology
  • pick an area of openstack to focus on, and get familiar with it
    • read the code, and the docs
    • play with it
    • love it

What will you need

The focus of this effort is on multi-host deployments - so you would need to either:

  • have a 3 node (ideally isolated) hardware based setup
  • have a virtual environment (VMware, VirtualBox etc) that is capable of running:
    • at least 3 nodes, with 1GB memory each
    • flexible networking configuration

Below are some pointers and resources that might be useful.


Essex resources

Release notes for Essex:

Nova compute API extensions:

Canonical's Jenkins build machine:

Devstack install script:


Quantum wiki and github, with a great set of references:

Linux bridge plugin and the excellent readme:


Crowbar Wiki / Github

Built Install ISO's

Robs blog


Openstack with chef:

Chef basics:

Just enough ruby for chef:

Skype IM History

_Bleh, formatting on this stinks (it's ok in raw view). Can someone clean it up???_

[3/7/2012 11:57:17 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: If you are going to be participating in the OpenStack Essex deploy day then I suggest that you download the Ubuntu 12.04 base Crowbar ISO before the event (

This ISO does NOT include the OpenStack barclamps, those need to be downloaded (also on the above site) and imported (Utils…Import) as a second step! We exposed the Import feature early so that we could use it for deploy day. We are expecting to be updating the barclamps multiple times but want to spare you the full ISO download if just one barclamp changes.

If you’d rather build the ISO then we have a developer focused build process documented: We’re working on the “release/essex-hack/openstack-os-build'” branch tomorrow.

Please see the for event logistics. We’re trying coordinate check-points and training sessions at the top of the hour so you can come and go as needed.


PS: As a deploy day bonus, I’ve got a t-shirt design posted. [12:16:48 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: Note - you do NOT need hardware nodes. [12:17:03 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: we will be testing primarily on VMs at this point [12:24:09 AM] Neil Jubinville: slow dload :) you hosting this in your basement Rob ? :) [12:30:08 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: hmmm... [12:30:18 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: it's at [12:30:41 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: which is sort of like a basement [12:30:47 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: they could have throttled me [12:39:05 AM] Neil Jubinville: I'll have it by morning ;) [12:39:28 AM] Neil Jubinville: tapped out at 563 kB/s [12:40:09 AM] deshantm: that is the speed I am getting as well... 19mins left out of like 35mins [12:40:14 AM] deshantm: not that bad [12:41:30 AM] Neil Jubinville: I'll definietly be giving this a go tomorrow - looking forward to it- don;t wait me for to start :) I have to get my employees started for the day then I can play [12:42:59 AM] Neil Jubinville: I have had good luck with both the crowbar and devstack / diablo / essex but this crowbar should be my swissarmy kife for adding nodes [12:43:20 AM] Neil Jubinville: k - I am out see you guys tomorrow [12:43:31 AM] Greg Althaus: good night. [7:21:36 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: All - we'll be starting to setup all the comms channels in just under 2 hours [7:21:46 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: any suggestions for a Hashtag? [7:39:06 AM] Greg Althaus: Added an Issues section to Lets put problems and workarounds there for people to get around problems. [7:44:03 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added Pedro Navarro Pérez * [7:44:49 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added shohel * [7:44:52 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added Judd Maltin * [7:44:54 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added Mark Christenson * [8:30:49 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added Scott Jensen * [8:46:48 AM] Andi: the folks in boston are starting up! [8:47:10 AM] Judd Maltin: Looks like I'm not going to be able to dive in. ;( [8:47:19 AM] Judd Maltin: Too much work here. [8:51:58 AM] Matt Ray: Sick kid, I'll be in to the Austin office 30 minutes or so late. [9:00:40 AM] Christofer deHahn: I have two nodes available and do not want to virtualize. Will this work? [9:05:57 AM] Andi: should work... though if you virtualize it will be easy for you to take snapshots and iterate over deployments easier [9:11:04 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: working on site logistics [9:11:58 AM] Zehicle: yes [9:12:02 AM] Zehicle: 2 nodes should be OK [9:20:51 AM] * Andi added Dave * [9:21:01 AM] Andi: hey dave ! [9:21:22 AM] davidlapsley: hey andi! [9:21:25 AM] Greg Althaus: hi [9:21:31 AM] davidlapsley: hi greg! [9:21:39 AM] Andi: shot out the quantum question s! [9:21:39 AM] Neil Jubinville: Morning everyone! [9:22:03 AM] davidlapsley: actually.. i'll be on and offline until later this afternoon :) [9:22:30 AM] davidlapsley: best would be to save them for after 3pm est. I'll be online after then.. [9:23:24 AM] Andi: that's cool [9:23:40 AM] Andi: we've got Adam from fedora and Peter from Suse/Microsfot/stuff here ... [9:23:48 AM] Andi: though he ran out to get a better machine... [9:24:17 AM] Andi: so shout out w/ Xen and HyperV [9:25:15 AM] Neil Jubinville: Is there some sort of shared VOIP connect or something for group discussions or to listen in? [9:25:37 AM] Greg Althaus: Not yet. [9:25:48 AM] Greg Althaus: That I know of . :) [9:26:09 AM] Zehicle: not yet, but soon [9:27:10 AM] Christofer deHahn: Re: 2 nodes - ty. booting the 1.3 Crowbar-only ISO now. [9:27:48 AM] Neil Jubinville: cool [9:30:42 AM] Christofer deHahn: one question if I may, referring to 1.2 but I suspect it will be the same with 1.3. I have two hosts, each with three nics. I have three vlans configured: 100 (untagged) 200 (tagged) 300 (tagged. I was able to install the Openstack components with the two systems visible on the network, up until I installed Nova. Then everything went dark. Could this be a networking issue? [9:32:02 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added texastwisterscott * [9:32:04 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added Bryan Taylor * [9:32:05 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added Wences Michel * [9:32:06 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added gogi reddy * [9:32:08 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added abhijitdhar * [9:32:19 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: working on comms setup [9:32:29 AM] Greg Althaus: Christofer, Crowbar whacks the heck out of networking. [9:32:32 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: can't monitoring questions right now [9:33:03 AM] Greg Althaus: There is a wiki page that talks about it. [9:33:14 AM] Greg Althaus: For the specific case, you get nova networks. [9:33:26 AM] Greg Althaus: And they have vlans defined and we recreate them. [9:33:28 AM] Mark Christenson: Attempting to install on ESXi .. install from ISO completes, but hangs afterwards during boot. Anyone seeing anything similar? [9:33:55 AM] Michael Myers: Not hung…alt-f1. [9:34:25 AM] Greg Althaus: [7:39 AM] Greg Althaus:

<<< Added an Issues section to [9:34:29 AM] Michael Myers: For some reason, it's changing the startup init, but the other VTs work. [9:34:48 AM] Michael Myers: startup getty, that is. [9:34:53 AM] Christofer deHahn: greg, yes it does. I consider myself a network expert, and this system has cost me a few hairs. 8^) [9:35:09 AM] Greg Althaus: Michael, we might be doing that, but I'm not sure. [9:35:13 AM] * rbooth_zenoss added trebortech * [9:35:32 AM] Greg Althaus: Christofer, I'm open to all sorts of suggestions on the network barclamp. It is complex, but we do lots of stuff with it. [9:36:36 AM] Christofer deHahn: greg, I'd take you up on that, offline. [9:37:41 AM] Mark Christenson: alt-F1 worked .. thanks [9:37:45 AM] Christofer deHahn: I'm sure most of my issues are due to a lack of understanding of the system and I don't have the prototypical deployment scenario, i.e. lots of Dell nodes available. [9:40:04 AM] Pedro Navarro Pérez: It's really a pity because, here in Europe we have no time to hack [9:40:07 AM] Greg Althaus: Chris, we try to comprehend that. If you haven't looked at it, look here: [9:40:17 AM] Bryan Taylor: ah here we are [9:40:20 AM] Bryan Taylor: hey all [9:40:33 AM] Greg Althaus: [9:40:39 AM] Greg Althaus: hey [9:40:48 AM] Michael Myers: Not sure what's going on underneath, but all of the VTs are up, just not showing on the boot one (tty7 on here?) Can switch among them, though. I'll look, but no guarantees - Ubuntu does things differently, and I'm also going to be doing other paying work, heh. [9:41:55 AM] Greg Althaus: Mike, I doc'ed it on the wiki as a note. Don't spend too much time on it. [9:41:56 AM] Christofer deHahn: greg thanks, I've read all that and tried editing the json file. I got 1.2 up and running wiout editing by creating the vlans and using static routes to connect the default networks to my networks. [9:41:56 AM] Greg Althaus: :) [9:42:15 AM] Greg Althaus: okay - then there is more. we need to talk about. [9:42:25 AM] * Andi added Randy Perryman * [9:42:33 AM] Christofer deHahn: 1.3 has installed and booted but right now I'm having EDID issues with my KVM switch. [9:42:41 AM] hvolkmer: I got the 1.3 ISO running inside a VM... I guess I need to install the barclamps now? [9:42:43 AM] Christofer deHahn: I can't get a login prompt [9:43:04 AM] Michael Myers: Alt-F1. [9:43:06 AM] Bryan Taylor: I'm almost done uploading ISO to ESX [9:43:33 AM] Christofer deHahn: Michael, TY!!! [9:43:34 AM] Michael Myers: It's the VT. They're up, but it starts on tty7, Christofer. [9:44:07 AM] Greg Althaus: hvolkmer, did you do install <node name> on your admin. [9:44:28 AM] hvolkmer: yes, crowbar is running [9:44:30 AM] Bryan Taylor: What distro is hackday.iso based on? CentOS? [9:44:31 AM] Greg Althaus: All, remember snapshot is your friend. [9:44:36 AM] Greg Althaus: ubuntu-12.04 [9:44:42 AM] Bryan Taylor: ok [9:44:52 AM] Greg Althaus: hvolkmer, did you start a second VM as a compute node? [9:44:59 AM] hvolkmer: not yet [9:45:07 AM] Christofer deHahn: the EDID errors continue to take my screen over. Can I supress them or do I have to set up a monitor instead of the KVM? [9:45:12 AM] Greg Althaus: Do that let the node show up as discovered and then snap shot both images. [9:45:26 AM] hvolkmer: will do that now... but w/o the barclamps that seems to be rather useless? [9:45:29 AM] Michael Myers: Ahh, so that's where the network config JSON is now. [9:45:40 AM] Greg Althaus: Mike, ??? [9:46:11 AM] Michael Myers: Seems like a different place from my old 1.2 last time I built out a Crowbar setup. [9:46:13 AM] Greg Althaus: hvolkmer, you have a base set. Also the system is setup to incrementally build things. [9:46:31 AM] Greg Althaus: I'm hoping you can get the system to a place to start from again if you need. [9:46:32 AM] Michael Myers: Link pointed to the right info on wiki. [9:46:46 AM] Greg Althaus: So, you can reset the snaps, load import new barclamps, and redeploy. [9:46:53 AM] Greg Althaus: :) [9:47:01 AM] hvolkmer: Good plan :) [9:47:03 AM] Bryan Taylor: Any special network settings for ESX? [9:47:12 AM] hvolkmer: Will snapshot the crowbar base install [9:47:13 AM] Bryan Taylor: special/specific [9:47:21 AM] Greg Althaus: You need a separate network with your esx host in it with DHCP off. [9:47:30 AM] Greg Althaus: I think some of that is on the prep wiki page. [9:47:56 AM] Victor Lowther: If you at the Tech Ranch in Austin, I have a local cloneable build-cache @ git:// [9:48:06 AM] Victor Lowther: that should save on the downloads. [9:48:30 AM] Andi: LIVE MEETING... for screen shares: [9:48:56 AM] Bryan Taylor: Greg Althaus: I remember seeing instructs to do that in VirtualBox but not ESX.. [9:49:12 AM] Greg Althaus: ah - okay. i use vmware workstation. [9:49:34 AM] Greg Althaus: I have this: [9:49:52 AM] Greg Althaus: vmnet0 bridged autobridge - not hooked to anything [9:50:09 AM] hvolkmer: I'm currenlty trying to get a crowbar install/dev box set up with the help of vagrant... [9:50:12 AM] Greg Althaus: vmnet1 host-only - connected no dhcp .1 in the space [9:50:25 AM] Greg Althaus: This could be NAT to let the env get out. [9:50:35 AM] hvolkmer: when/if it works out I'll add the instructions to the wiki [9:50:44 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: we're setting up a call [9:50:49 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: really really rough: [9:50:50 AM] Greg Althaus: vmnet8 NAT/NAT - this has my build vm on it. [9:50:53 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: [9:51:01 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: but you get the idea [9:51:41 AM] Greg Althaus: My host acts as a bridge/gateway between the system.s [9:52:12 AM] Greg Althaus: That way my build vm can tlak to inet and the crowbar env. [9:52:23 AM] Bryan Taylor: should I setup that config before I boot the ISO? [9:52:31 AM] Keith Hudgins: if anyone needs it [9:53:10 AM] Greg Althaus: Bryan, it can be done during. THe network changes may require a reboot. [9:53:24 AM] Bryan Taylor: ok good, since I booted it already :) [9:53:34 AM] Greg Althaus: :) [9:55:26 AM] Randy Perryman: [9:55:39 AM] Randy Perryman: Updated Lync Meeting [9:57:46 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: we're starting to have people join the screen cast [9:59:54 AM] Michael Myers: Arg, Silverlight. Requires 32-bit mode. [10:00:18 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: sorry :( [10:00:53 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: when you join the channel, We have to accept you as a guest [10:00:57 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: there will be a small delay [10:02:48 AM] Michael Myers: nod I'll check when I finish commuting. If I go 32-bit on this machine, that's likely to make virtualizing a 64-bit OS interesting, heh. At least I can stay in the Skype while enroute. [10:03:17 AM] Greg Althaus: :) [10:03:40 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: in the screen share [10:03:44 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: there is an audio feed [10:04:29 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added Andrew Weiss * [10:04:30 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added bmeshjason * [10:04:31 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added boston.liu * [10:07:51 AM] Randy Perryman: [10:07:55 AM] Randy Perryman: for the Live Meeting [10:08:21 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added rhaferkamp * [10:08:43 AM] boston.liu: hello, skype [10:10:17 AM] Mark Christenson: after install, I have a /etc/network/interfaces with a 'iface eth0 inet dhcp', followed by a 'iface eth0 inet static'. It comes up with no config on eth0 [10:12:27 AM] bmeshjason: anyone else get the meeting to load? it is still initializing for me [10:12:29 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: dial in information [10:12:38 AM] Andrew Weiss: bmeshjason: still initializing here as well [10:13:43 AM] Neil Jubinville: Hey Rob - I just installed the hackday ISO on virtual box and I am getting a blinking cursor... [10:13:45 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: US call in: 866-335-5847 ID # 7016850829# [10:14:02 AM] Neil Jubinville: This I am expecting to boot a crowbar admin node [10:15:16 AM] Keith Hudgins: I'm in [10:15:17 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: we're getting internalation #s [10:16:45 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: you can use [10:16:57 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: its ugly and needs polish, but works [10:17:22 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: point the create_crowbar.rb to the iso [10:17:28 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: run it [10:17:33 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: it will tell you what to do [10:17:49 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: tested on osx and linux [10:17:56 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: to spin up pxe images [10:18:15 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: use [10:18:15 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: create_blank.rb [10:18:37 AM] Neil Jubinville: hmmm so the crowbar admin node needs ot PXE boot now? [10:19:00 AM] Neil Jubinville: thats new - before I could boot/install straight inton VBox vm [10:19:14 AM] hvolkmer: no, the admin node boots from the iso [10:19:18 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: no [10:19:24 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: the admin boots from the iso [10:19:27 AM] hvolkmer: the compute/swift/controll nodes boot via pxe from the admin node [10:19:30 AM] Michael Myers: The vt is up, Neil, but you'll have to switch to it. Alt-F1. On bus, so slow. [10:19:45 AM] Greg Althaus: You need an isolated network for pxe clients and other nodes. [10:20:05 AM] Neil Jubinville: thx guys [10:20:27 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: is there audio in this Microsoft thingy? [10:20:42 AM] Neil Jubinville: thx Michael - got my prompt ;) [10:21:15 AM] Neil Jubinville: k - I have short 45 min meeting - then I'll be back for more! [10:21:28 AM] Keith Hudgins: Audio in bridge is a bit muddy [10:22:00 AM] Keith Hudgins: people who aren't speaking, please mute. [10:34:06 AM] Randy Perryman: Please post were you from, what you are working on, and anything you think we need [10:34:09 AM] Randy Perryman: to now [10:34:34 AM] bmeshjason: Washington DC, trying to get new crowbar working in virtualbox [10:34:58 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: what is your workstation os? bmeshjason [10:35:03 AM] bmeshjason: osx [10:35:28 AM] Keith Hudgins: Atlanta. Running support for various crowbar projects. Using vmware fusion to run crowbar today, will be in and out during the day [10:35:31 AM] Lee Thompson: Lee Thompson, CTO Morphlabs, Austin, TX... Converting our product from Eucalyptus to OpenStack [10:35:36 AM] Keith Hudgins: mainly here to assist as needed [10:35:58 AM] Andrew Weiss: From Boston, attending Purdue University....conducting academic research initiative using simply to gain additional insight [10:36:10 AM] Yapeng Wu: Canada, try to get crowbar setup on xen cloud platform [10:36:27 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: bmeshjason did you try [10:36:34 AM] Randy Perryman: Nashua, NH @ Burlington today, Crowbar/Openstack Dell Team [10:37:40 AM] Greg Althaus: Yapeng, nice! [10:37:45 AM] bmeshjason: Haselwanter: going to try that in a few min [10:38:08 AM] Greg Althaus: Greg Althaus, Austin, Dell Crowbar/Openstack Dell team. [10:38:41 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: bmeshjason or you try (change the path to the crowbar iso in the create crowbar script) [10:38:54 AM] Matt Ray: Matt Ray, Tech Evangelist from Opscode. Austin, TX. knife-openstack work, Chef cookbooks and general Chef stuff. matt@opscode [10:39:23 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: Rob Hirschfeld, Austin, Dell Crowbar/OpenStack Dell [10:39:34 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: I'm playing role of MC today along w/ Andi Abes [10:40:43 AM] Michael Myers: Seattle, working next door to Opscode, in fact. Looking to help getting 1.3/Essex stable enough to switch my home Crowbar/Openstack over. Name's already there. [10:40:50 AM] gogi reddy: Austin - Open Stack based publci/private cloud [10:40:51 AM] texastwisterscott: Scott Purcell, Austin, Dell, Services Training -- seeking to understand how to best train our technicians to most effectvely support this solution and seeking an easy to replicate training/testing environment. [10:41:06 AM] Wences Michel: Dallas, solutions architect trying to do more hands on things to come up to speed on OpenStack & crowbar quickly [10:41:17 AM] hvolkmer: Hendrik Volkmer, Berlin, Germany, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Cloud-Team (OpenStack, Crowbar...) [10:41:31 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: Edmund Haselwanter, Berlin, Germany, Deutsche Telekom Innovation Laboratories, Cloud-Team (OpenStack, Crowbar...) [10:41:33 AM] Randy Perryman: Adam is on FreeNode #crowbar if you have any questions [10:43:44 AM] Randy Perryman: for him. [10:45:22 AM] * abhijitdhar added Karthik Angamuthu * [10:45:36 AM] Keith Hudgins: Enstratus here. Client Services & Engagement team, do quite a bit of work in Crowbar. [10:46:01 AM] Randy Perryman: Hi Keith good to see you joing us [10:47:03 AM] Karthik Angamuthu: Karthik, Abhijit & Gogi from XepCloud Inc Here. We are a startup in Austin, working on launching openstack based public, private and desktop cloud services. [10:47:04 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: so to roll out e.g. a new mysql version I would import a updated barclamp ? [10:47:08 AM] Keith Hudgins: =) [10:49:30 AM] bmeshjason: If you can add how you add quantum and how it works in horizion with barclamps.. [10:49:35 AM] bmeshjason: i would be happy [10:51:08 AM] Greg Althaus: Karthik, nice! Welcome [10:51:29 AM] Michael Myers: Woo, in office. Should bang on the wall and wake Opscode Seattle up to get them in here. [10:51:46 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: if you can't hear - we are asking for topics to be covered as mini-sessions at the top of the hour [10:51:49 AM] Greg Althaus: Haselwanter, Yes. You would build an iso with --update-cache or redo crowbar.yml to point at the repos that has mysql updates. [10:51:57 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: first session will be deploy of Essex [10:52:16 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: @ greg: really? [10:52:18 AM] Greg Althaus: Then take the tgz from the build, Victor can help here. Then import it into your system assuming you are using the essex-hack tree. [10:52:21 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: an Iso? [10:52:26 AM] Keith Hudgins: Rob: are you recording the sessions? I see camtasia popping up [10:52:35 AM] abhijitdhar: would you be willing to go deep into nova-network? [10:53:09 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: @greg: are you still on audio? [10:53:18 AM] Greg Althaus: I can be. [10:53:27 AM] Greg Althaus: I guess . I'm breathing. [10:53:29 AM] Karthik Angamuthu: Glad to be here, Greg. Thanks for this session today. You guys rock! ;) We would be interested in deep-diving into nova network and image management [10:57:47 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: forgot to Thank the Dell & Austin TechRanch for hosting today [11:00:10 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: of course, Nokia in Boston [11:01:04 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: posted the intro to youtube: [11:01:09 AM] Christofer deHahn: this edid issue is killing me [11:02:34 AM] Neil Jubinville: Intro : :) Neil Jubinvile - CEO/CTO and janitor at Orbital Software Solutions Inc , SAAS/IAAS provider custom solutions - private cloud [11:02:37 AM] Randy Perryman: To participate in the shared meeting please go here. [11:04:01 AM] Randy Perryman: [10:13 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: [11:04:10 AM] Randy Perryman: For Audio [11:04:49 AM] texastwisterscott: drrk in the IRC channel tosses out an idea for a tool that helps build the interface map -- perhaps listing all interfaces with existing names, mac addresses, and bus locations to make it easier to work out how they should be configured... [11:04:53 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: oopsi [11:04:59 AM] bmeshjason: hehe [11:05:08 AM] Randy Perryman: the Austin team just dropped off line and they are the [11:05:27 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: my annoying questions got me pooped out of the conf call ;) [11:05:40 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: we're working on it [11:05:54 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: I have to leave anyway ... [11:06:16 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: but got enlightent ... [11:06:25 AM] Rob Hirschfeld: trying to get feeds back [11:07:02 AM] Michael Myers: Indeed, have been thinking about one of those, as well. [11:08:58 AM] Victor Lowther: So there are a few answers to the weird mix of bash and ruby: [11:11:15 AM] Victor Lowther: 1: For the dev script, it started off as a quick hack in Bash to help us manage the weird interaction between branches and submodules that Crowbar lives in. It grew pretty quickly from there. [11:12:50 AM] Zehicle: I <3 Dev Tool [11:13:02 AM] Zehicle: we can talk about it later [11:13:06 AM] Victor Lowther: For the build system, I was tasked to make what used to be a simple internal only build system that had alot of built-in assumptions about where to get things into something that would run basically anywhere. It started off as shell and just sorta grew that way. [11:13:10 AM] Zehicle: there's a wiki page on how to use it on github [11:13:45 AM] Randy Perryman: [10:13 AM] Rob Hirschfeld:

<<< US call in: 866-335-5847 ID # 7016850829# [11:14:07 AM] Scott Jensen: Hi guys I am on the line if you need anything [11:14:13 AM] Zehicle: thanks [11:14:23 AM] Victor Lowther: For the admin node bootstrapping code, we just have not taken the effort to fold most of it into a set of chef recipies for chef-solo. We could, but what we have works well enough for now. [11:14:32 AM] Randy Perryman: To participate in the shared meeting please go here.

To participate in the Audio call US call in: 866-335-5847 ID # 7016850829# [11:14:43 AM] Christofer deHahn: I hear a dozen people talking and I can't understand a thing [11:15:08 AM] Zehicle: sorry [11:16:36 AM] Christofer deHahn: i just wanted to know if this was normal. thanks. [11:17:39 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: @Victor: Thanks [11:17:42 AM] Zehicle: [11:18:04 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: we are thinkging about doing it with veewee [11:18:11 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: to get a base image [11:18:18 AM] bmeshjason: when doing the virtual box install instructions for the hackday.iso.. after it installs and reboots, it just sits at a blinking cursor.. did i miss something in the directions or this a bug with virtualbox.. I used the build vm script on the wiki page [11:18:23 AM] Michael Myers: Veewee would be useful. [11:18:28 AM] Michael Myers: Alt-F1. [11:18:37 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: the part missing there would be to export to ISO [11:18:56 AM] Lee Thompson: How are people "playing" the ISO? VirtualBox/VMWare/KVM ??? [11:19:24 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: then we would/could build crowbar admin servers in kvm, virtualbox ... export them ... use them in vagrant [11:19:24 AM] Michael Myers: The VT is up, but it starts up on tty7. tty1-6 are live, though. [11:19:55 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: and the share the love part would be e.g. a vagrant conf file [11:20:10 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: and vagrant up to get the admin up and running [11:20:21 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: we talk development here [11:20:44 AM] * Rob Hirschfeld added Aimon Bustardo * [11:20:46 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: for the rails change: we think moving to rails 3.2 would be very nice [11:21:07 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: we could distribute then barclamp rails part as rails engines in gems [11:21:46 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: we talked a lot about "what is the right packaging format for barclamps" ... this discussion is ongoing [11:22:10 AM] Greg Althaus: yes [11:22:10 AM] Aimon Bustardo: Hi, can someone repost the link that Rob just posted... Missed it.. [11:22:22 AM] Greg Althaus: [11:17 AM] Zehicle:

<<< [11:22:25 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: it just does not feel that right that a barclamp has this chef, crowbar_framework stuff in it [11:22:26 AM] Scott Jensen: [11:17 AM] Zehicle:

<<< [11:22:27 AM] Aimon Bustardo: thx! [11:22:50 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: and the dependencies to the packages must be resolved too [11:22:59 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: (the barclamp yml file) [11:23:57 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: we love the overall concept .. [11:24:01 AM] Haselwanter Edmund: :) [11:24:23 AM] Randy Perryman: To participate in the shared meeting please go here.

To participate in the Audio call US call in: 866-335-5847 ID # 7016850829# [11:37:58 AM] Bryan Taylor: I'm behind... finally got the ESX/vsphere networking setup (I think) bridge and two host only...What is the next step? The usual cd /tftpboot/ubuntu_dvd/extra ./install fqdn? [11:38:22 AM] Greg Althaus: yes [11:38:30 AM] Christofer deHahn: I am going to have to put a monitor on this system. I cannot get past these EDID issues. [11:45:39 AM] * Andi added primeministerp * [11:52:30 AM] Michael Myers: for that network setup for those that missed it the first time around. [11:54:21 AM] Greg Althaus: we may have dropped. [11:54:24 AM] Greg Althaus: we are back [11:58:06 AM] Michael Myers: Looks like the path may now be /opt/dell/barclamps/network/chef/data_bags/crowbar/bc-template-network.json , though. [11:59:44 AM] boston.liu: Hi, this is Haihua from Boston. I have a specific requirement from a client who needs to provision 200 Virtual Machines for 200 users for daily office activities. Users will connect the VMs through thin-client machines. At the end of day, the change made by users in the VMs will be saved back to Glance/swift automatically. What is the best way to get that done with the Openstack latest release-Essex? [12:03:40 PM] boston.liu: Any hint is welcome. -Thanks in advance. [12:07:54 PM] Michael Myers: Might get more or faster response, or even people you can pay to do it, if you hop into the #openstack IRC channel for general OpenStack howtos. This one's focusing more on getting Essex deployed. [12:18:35 PM] Lee Thompson: URL for install instructions or notes? [12:18:49 PM] Lee Thompson: (I'm trying to catch up) [12:19:39 PM] Greg Althaus: [10:36 AM] Haselwanter Edmund:

<<< [12:19:50 PM] Greg Althaus: [Wednesday, March 07, 2012 11:57 PM] Rob Hirschfeld:

<<< [12:20:52 PM] Lee Thompson: thanks Greg [12:48:31 PM] Victor Lowther: Just pushed a fix to the Nova barclamp to have it use nova-rootwrap in Essex. [12:49:18 PM] bmeshjason: i can't seem to get these directions for virtualbox working [12:49:31 PM] bmeshjason: using the hackday.iso [12:50:07 PM] bmeshjason: the iso installs but after a reboot it just has a blinking cursor on the console [12:50:13 PM] Michael Myers: Alt-F1. [12:50:36 PM] Bryan Taylor: ./install finished from hackday.iso what should be my next step? I can login to and shows admin node green. [12:50:38 PM] Michael Myers: The hackday.iso ends up sitting on VT7, but there's no getty there. [12:50:38 PM] Scott Jensen: sry should have mentioned that. Bit me yesterday [12:50:51 PM] bmeshjason: doh [12:50:59 PM] bmeshjason: thanks [12:53:05 PM] Bryan Taylor: how do I get the openstack clamps into hackday? [12:53:33 PM] Scott Jensen: they are on the same page as the iso [12:53:39 PM] Scott Jensen: tgz files [12:54:04 PM] Scott Jensen: once you are installed in the crowbar UI there is a barclamp import utility under...utilities [12:54:24 PM] Bryan Taylor: ah [12:55:59 PM] Christofer deHahn: scott I am trying this now [12:56:10 PM] Scott Jensen: ok [12:56:32 PM] Christofer deHahn: do I import the tar file intact or extract it and import something else? [12:56:37 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: we'll have a general session at 1:30 CST (in 30 minutes) [12:56:47 PM] Scott Jensen: intact just browse and click import [12:56:52 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: shout out on the line if you have questions [12:57:07 PM] Christofer deHahn: in any particular order? [12:57:16 PM] Scott Jensen: nope [12:57:25 PM] Christofer deHahn: tnx [12:58:53 PM] Christofer deHahn: upload failed [12:59:18 PM] Bryan Taylor: what is the correct barclamp install order? Just as it is listed on the iso page? mysql, nova, horizon, keystone, glance, swift? maybe keystone after mysql? [1:00:04 PM] Scott Jensen: correct mysql,keystone,glance,nova or swift [1:00:22 PM] Scott Jensen: horizon (nova dash) [1:00:42 PM] Scott Jensen: you will see in the proposals that they reference already created barclamps [1:00:46 PM] Christofer deHahn: what could cause the barclamp upload to fail and how would I debug this? [1:01:25 PM] Keith Hudgins: /opt/dell/crowbar-framework/logs is a good place to start [1:01:51 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: what failed? [1:02:04 PM] Christofer deHahn: barclamp import [1:02:09 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: where did it bork? [1:02:13 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: did the file show up? [1:02:31 PM] Christofer deHahn: i downloaded and saved the tar file from your site using a windows machine. [1:03:03 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: it should drop into /opt/dell/crowbar/crowbar_frameworks/public/import [1:03:04 PM] Christofer deHahn: i installed 1.3. using barclamp import, i browse to the file and upload. upload failed. [1:04:19 PM] Christofer deHahn: that directory does contain tar files [1:04:34 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: which version? the most recent [1:04:52 PM] Christofer deHahn: i downloaded it at 9am this morning. has there been an update? [1:04:57 PM] Christofer deHahn: 9am EST [1:05:00 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: no, that should be ok [1:05:16 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: on the admin server run /opt/dell/ [1:05:20 PM] Christofer deHahn: ok, i will upload all barclamps and ignore the error [1:05:23 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: to put in into dev mode [1:06:27 PM] Christofer deHahn: /opt/dell/bin/ [1:06:42 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: yy [1:07:56 PM] Christofer deHahn: just sitting there at this point [1:08:49 PM] Christofer deHahn: should I background it? [1:10:34 PM] Keith Hudgins: dev mode runs in your active shell session [1:10:40 PM] Keith Hudgins: it'll log to your shell as well [1:11:15 PM] Christofer deHahn: ok, i opened a second shell [1:11:54 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: If the ISO boots into blank screen - it is NOT an error [1:11:59 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: you just can't see the console [1:12:04 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: Use ALt-F1 to see it [1:12:07 PM] Christofer deHahn: i have the tar files on the admin node now. how do i get them "imported " into the crowbar gui so that I can create proposals and set up openstack? [1:12:54 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: you can use the CLI [1:13:01 PM] Brian Parker: Beware the file named "glace.tar.gz" out on zehicle. I had to rename it to "glance.tar.gz" before uploading. At least, I think that is why it worked for the the second time ... [1:13:01 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: from /opt/dell/bin [1:13:08 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: ./barclamp_install [tar] [1:15:22 PM] Christofer deHahn: ok, trying that [1:16:04 PM] Bryan Taylor: I was able to upload and import all the barclamps without error [1:16:22 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: thanks, fixed the index [1:17:22 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: the Essex install video we did is [1:17:52 PM] Christofer deHahn: /opt/dell/bin/barclamp_install.rb mysql.tar [1:18:02 PM] Christofer deHahn: mysql.tar is not a barclamp. ignoring [1:18:19 PM] Bryan Taylor: After I upload the barclamps, should I then boot another system pxe to create a proposal on? [1:19:22 PM] Greg Althaus: yes - in general, you don't want to play on the admin [1:19:34 PM] Greg Althaus: You can redo things from the admin node easier. [1:20:01 PM] Christofer deHahn: i'm stuck not able to upload the openstack barclamps [1:21:12 PM] Greg Althaus: Chris, there are other ways to get there. [1:21:20 PM] Greg Althaus: You can push the tgz to the admin node, [1:21:24 PM] Greg Althaus: as crowbar/crowbar [1:21:25 PM] Christofer deHahn: did that [1:21:34 PM] Christofer deHahn: i have all of them on the admin node [1:21:38 PM] Greg Althaus: you can then untar them [1:21:45 PM] Christofer deHahn: ok, did that [1:22:05 PM] Greg Althaus: ./barclamp_install.rb <directory name> [1:22:07 PM] Greg Althaus: I think [1:22:33 PM] Christofer deHahn: oh, ok. rob wanted me to run that script on the tar file. i should run it on the directory? [1:23:18 PM] Greg Althaus: yes [1:23:23 PM] Greg Althaus: actually, it may fail all the same way. [1:23:26 PM] Greg Althaus: Do this as root. [1:23:43 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: if you've got a tar, then you import the tar [1:23:50 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: it will unpack [1:24:00 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: sorry...not reading [1:24:06 PM] Christofer deHahn: i am root [1:24:22 PM] Greg Althaus: So the tar ball needs to be <bcname>.tar.gz [1:24:27 PM] Christofer deHahn: tried the tar file, error abve...mysql is not a barclamp, ignoring [1:24:52 PM] Michael Myers: Ahh, did it auto ungzip when you downloaded it? [1:24:59 PM] Christofer deHahn: no [1:25:01 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: can you see the share? [1:25:07 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: I can do it on the share [1:25:12 PM] Christofer deHahn: bingo [1:25:30 PM] bmeshjason: so leave it as a tar.gz when importing? [1:25:34 PM] Christofer deHahn: I had originally put all of the barclamp tar files on a CD [1:25:37 PM] bmeshjason: to be clear [1:25:45 PM] Christofer deHahn: I mounted the CD and copied the files to /home/admin [1:25:53 PM] Christofer deHahn: then I extracted the tr files [1:26:40 PM] Christofer deHahn: then I ran /opt/dell/barclamp_install.rb <directory name> [1:26:49 PM] bmeshjason: ok [1:26:51 PM] bmeshjason: i will try that [1:26:54 PM] Christofer deHahn: mysql is now a barclamp in crowbar [1:26:59 PM] Bryan Taylor: haha, awesome. I just remember I setup my LAN (pfsense fw) to be I went in to pfsense and set the dhcp for pxe to next-server to the ESX admin VM and I booted a physical system up to the vm [1:28:30 PM] Christofer deHahn: i did get an error uploading glance [1:28:45 PM] Christofer deHahn: rob, was that the file name issue you mentioned before? [1:29:19 PM] Keith Hudgins: glace.tar.gz [1:29:22 PM] Keith Hudgins: no n [1:29:24 PM] bmeshjason: root@crowbar:/home/crowbar# /opt/dell/bin/barclamp_install.rb nova Installing barclamp nova from /opt/dell/barclamps/nova

/opt/dell/barclamps/nova knife cookbook upload -o . -a -V -k /etc/chef/webui.pem -u chef-webui upload failed. Examine /var/log/barclamps/nova.log for more into

[1:29:43 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: I updated the index [1:30:14 PM] Christofer deHahn: kieth I am installing barclamps manually on the admin node [1:31:40 PM] Christofer deHahn: glance upload fails. all other openstack barclamps are ok [1:31:59 PM] Keith Hudgins: what error are you getting? "Not a barclamp" or something else? [1:32:22 PM] Neil Jubinville: how can I create a client VM that will PXE boot on Virtualbox? [1:32:27 PM] Neil Jubinville: my admin node is up [1:32:33 PM] Christofer deHahn: upload failed [1:32:43 PM] Neil Jubinville: all VBox DHCP subnet in 192.168.124.X [1:32:45 PM] bmeshjason: doh [1:32:49 PM] bmeshjason: i see my error [1:33:08 PM] bmeshjason: fixing the mysql import [1:33:12 PM] Christofer deHahn: /var/log/barclamps/glance.log says "Cannot find a cookbook names keystone" [1:33:14 PM] Greg Althaus: Neil, may help [1:33:18 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: do people want me to talk about dev tool? [1:33:27 PM] Greg Althaus: import keystone first. [1:33:29 PM] Neil Jubinville: yeah I am there... [1:33:38 PM] Christofer deHahn: is this a barclamp import order issue? [1:33:46 PM] Greg Althaus: apparently. :) [1:34:03 PM] Christofer deHahn: BTW there is an interesting networking discussion going on in the audio stream [1:34:11 PM] Neil Jubinville: it is more conceptual I need - should it just find the PXE server if I press f!@ during boot? [1:34:22 PM] Neil Jubinville: f12 [1:34:39 PM] Greg Althaus: Chris, where is it? [1:34:41 PM] Greg Althaus: We can't hear [1:34:54 PM] Christofer deHahn: ok, greg, i reimported keystone followed by glance, no error [1:35:02 PM] Greg Althaus: yeah - [1:35:15 PM] Christofer deHahn: it just died. i doomed it [1:35:53 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: online import is a NEW feature [1:35:58 PM] Christofer deHahn: ok, now I will boot a second node and start installing openstack on it [1:36:02 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: sorry if it's causing confusion/issues [1:36:09 PM] Greg Althaus: Neil, Ideally, you mark the non-admin nodes to always network boot. [1:36:11 PM] Christofer deHahn: rob, i know, and it's awesome, thanks [1:36:26 PM] Christofer deHahn: audio is back [1:36:45 PM] Neil Jubinville: makes sense I am just trying to figure out how to tell it to do such [1:36:54 PM] Christofer deHahn: the audio is from andi abes, i think that is the boston event [1:38:40 PM] Christofer deHahn: second node is a dell r710 [1:39:13 PM] Christofer deHahn: with v1.2 i got openstack installed but as soon as I installed nova it lost network connectivity [1:39:19 PM] Christofer deHahn: so we shall see with 1.3 [1:41:05 PM] Neil Jubinville: I see the param Greg [1:41:05 PM] Neil Jubinville: --boot1 net [1:41:21 PM] Neil Jubinville: I'll to find where to change in Wndoze [1:42:30 PM] Christofer deHahn: we have sledgehammer [1:42:42 PM] Greg Althaus: seldgehammer!! [1:42:49 PM] Greg Althaus: that is the centos5.7 discovery image [1:43:08 PM] Christofer deHahn: yes i know greg. my second node is coming up [1:43:14 PM] Christofer deHahn: progress [1:43:20 PM] Michael Myers: Excellent. [1:44:04 PM] Christofer deHahn: oooh i like this auto-refresh on the crowbar screen [1:44:17 PM] Greg Althaus: oh - sorry. [1:44:36 PM] Christofer deHahn: node groups. i like that too [1:47:49 PM] Christofer deHahn: i created a mysql proposal, got an error, had to reload the crowbar screen, but the proposal was created. bug? [1:47:58 PM] Christofer deHahn: using ie9 [1:48:09 PM] Greg Althaus: maybe, on the admin node look at: [1:48:27 PM] Greg Althaus: /opt/dell/crowbar_framework/log/<name>.log [1:48:37 PM] Greg Althaus: name is node name that reported the error. [1:49:19 PM] Greg Althaus: If chef-client segfault, then run it again. [1:49:41 PM] Greg Althaus: I fixed a bug last night about chef-cilient segfaluting on some system. [1:49:46 PM] Greg Althaus: at like 1:30a. [1:49:55 PM] Greg Althaus: and it didn't make the iso. [1:50:30 PM] Christofer deHahn: ok. no system name log in that directory [1:50:39 PM] Christofer deHahn: i am goping to try and apply the proposal [1:50:45 PM] Greg Althaus: ok [1:51:08 PM] Greg Althaus: there isn't a d<mac>.<domaniname>.log [1:51:20 PM] Greg Althaus: Wait. [1:51:30 PM] Greg Althaus: Is it blinking yellow? or [1:51:36 PM] Greg Althaus: what state is your node in? [1:51:40 PM] Greg Althaus: This might be normal. [1:52:18 PM] Christofer deHahn: i applied the proposal [1:52:27 PM] Christofer deHahn: yellow, not blinking [1:52:34 PM] Christofer deHahn: but activity on the console [1:52:41 PM] Michael Myers: Installing, then. [1:52:57 PM] Michael Myers: ..console of the destination node, right? [1:53:14 PM] Christofer deHahn: tailing production.log, no activity there, though. in 1.2 I would see activity when applying proposals [1:53:28 PM] Christofer deHahn: mm...node rebooting [1:53:38 PM] Greg Althaus: yellow - not blinking means queued, I think. [1:53:43 PM] Greg Althaus: installed [1:53:48 PM] Greg Althaus: installing - too tired. [1:54:47 PM] Christofer deHahn: yellow used to mean queued and ready [1:55:01 PM] Christofer deHahn: yellow and green spinner meant deploying proposal [1:55:10 PM] Michael Myers: Sounds like a proposal being applied, but I'd expect a spinner, yes. [1:55:11 PM] Christofer deHahn: i bet you're tired. [1:57:51 PM] Christofer deHahn: now crowbar components are installing on the second node. that should be goodness [1:59:27 PM] Greg Althaus: well, Chris, had you allocated your node? [1:59:45 PM] Christofer deHahn: no, that's right. i forgot to do that [1:59:53 PM] Christofer deHahn: so it musty have allocated itself [2:00:00 PM] Greg Althaus: IF you apply a proposal and the node is not allocated, you will allocate the node, it will install, and then apply the proposal. [2:00:08 PM] Greg Althaus: I think the yellow (not blinking) means queued. [2:00:20 PM] Greg Althaus: Queued means waiting to be applied with the resource is available. [2:00:31 PM] Christofer deHahn: perfect, thank you [2:14:25 PM] Christofer deHahn: i'm still getting a 404 when I create a proposal using ie9 [2:14:42 PM] Greg Althaus: :3000 [2:16:01 PM] Christofer deHahn: yes, using port 3000 [2:16:40 PM] Christofer deHahn: it still creates it, but throws a 404 on the page [2:16:51 PM] Christofer deHahn: did not do that in 1.2 [2:17:45 PM] Christofer deHahn: click the arrow on a barclamp, enter a proposal name, click Create and I get the 404 [2:21:04 PM] Brian Parker: Not sure if it was just me, but the first time I added the keystone proposal, it failed due to (from the chef/client.log) - [Thu, 08 Mar 2012 13:47:06 -0600] ERROR: package[keystone] (/var/cache/chef/cookbooks/keystone/recipes/server.rb:16:in `from_file') had an error: package[keystone] (keystone::server line 16) had an error: Chef::Exceptions::Package: No version specified, and no candidate version available for keystone [2:21:29 PM] Brian Parker: I had to do "sudo apt-get update" by hand for it to work the 2nd time. [2:22:05 PM] Christofer deHahn: hmmm [2:22:13 PM] Christofer deHahn: glance failed [2:22:21 PM] Greg Althaus: okay - hmmm - we may need to do more apt managment [2:22:30 PM] Keith Hudgins: brian: on your admin node? [2:22:52 PM] Brian Parker: that was on the client (running "apt-get update") [2:23:38 PM] Keith Hudgins: k [2:23:59 PM] Keith Hudgins: Greg: using the apt cookbook? [2:24:03 PM] Brian Parker: make sure that (from the client) "sudo apt-cache search keystone" returns 3 things. At first (for me), there was nothing. [2:24:26 PM] Keith Hudgins: apt::default basically runs apt-get update every chef run [2:25:15 PM] Matt Ray: Actually it checks in daily [2:25:23 PM] Matt Ray: at least, in recent versions of apt [2:25:36 PM] Keith Hudgins: Matt: I'm likely behind the times [2:25:37 PM] Matt Ray: "This recipe installs the update-notifier-common package to provide the timestamp file used to only run apt-get update if the cache is less than one day old." [2:28:23 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: we're going to start quantum in a minute [2:28:34 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: he's at the whiteboard here [2:28:53 PM] Richard Yuan: Hi Rob, this is Richard Yuan [2:29:27 PM] Zehicle: hey [2:29:30 PM] Richard Yuan: I am working on quantum barclamp. [2:30:10 PM] Richard Yuan: I believe the cookbook part has been sorted out. [2:30:42 PM] Richard Yuan: but I had lots of itegration issues with current hack day branch. [2:31:44 PM] Christofer deHahn: glance barclamp applicatiion still fails [2:31:49 PM] Zehicle: ok, we can help you on the backchannel [2:31:54 PM] Richard Yuan: and I have to use nova to test the quantum installation. but I was not able to bring up nova so far. [2:32:04 PM] Richard Yuan: OK [2:32:07 PM] Zehicle: we posted a video about it [2:32:23 PM] Christofer deHahn: glance::common line 29 Chef exeption [2:33:12 PM] Greg Althaus: You may have achieved where I am banging my head. [2:33:17 PM] Christofer deHahn: lol [2:33:59 PM] Matt Ray: Christopher: gist? [2:34:04 PM] Christofer deHahn: i have been banging mine since 1.0 [2:34:20 PM] Christofer deHahn: gist, not sure what you mean [2:35:49 PM] Rob Hirschfeld: note: up to 65 people on the chat [2:38:32 PM] Dave: hi folks.. [2:39:00 PM] Dave: hello [2:39:28 PM] Matt Ray: Christofer: your stack trace? Or pastebin or something similar? [2:40:10 PM] Christofer deHahn: you want me to copy the stack trace?Okay, i'll try [2:41:32 PM] Keith Hudgins: We recording this session? I'm not able to be on the bridge right now. [2:41:36 PM] Zehicle: yes [2:41:43 PM] Zehicle: I am recording it [2:41:44 PM] Keith Hudgins: =) [2:41:49 PM] Zehicle: will add it to the page with the others [2:42:09 PM] Andi: can folks see & hear the Quantum part...? [2:42:21 PM] Christofer deHahn: yes [2:42:21 PM] Wences Michel: yes [2:42:32 PM] Andi: if you have questions.. shout (or type) [2:47:57 PM] Christofer deHahn: no clue [2:48:07 PM] Christofer deHahn: but don't worry about it [2:48:29 PM] Andi: devstack is a bash based deployment script to deploy the different components of openstack [2:48:34 PM] Andi: mostly on 1 node... [2:48:41 PM] Christofer deHahn: thanks [2:48:46 PM] Christofer deHahn: we could use that [2:48:48 PM] Andi: the has a line by line annotatioin [2:49:01 PM] Andi: thing is that it's mustly meant for Single All In One... [2:49:11 PM] Andi: and only supports a very littited set of configuration. [2:49:24 PM] Andi: Its mostly useful to figure out what goes where.. [2:49:27 PM] Christofer deHahn: sounds like the opposite of crowbar [2:49:54 PM] Matt Ray: the old was the starting point for the Chef cookbooks. [2:49:59 PM] Andi: if you put enough work into it, you can configure the locarc for each node, and make it work... but that find-your-friends part is manaul [2:50:02 PM] Matt Ray: way back in Bexar [2:50:18 PM] Matt Ray: became devstack [2:50:21 PM] Christofer deHahn: bexar = 1.1? [2:50:27 PM] Christofer deHahn: ok, got it [2:55:24 PM] Andi: questions...? [2:57:54 PM] Andi: here's the link to slide share : [2:57:56 PM] Matt Ray: I'm still a little hazy on the state of Quantum in Essex. It's not officially part of the release, it's being incubated. I have a feeling people are going to expect it to be there like they did with Dashboard & Keystone, are people planning on using some form of it with Essex? [3:02:15 PM] Zehicle: not really [3:03:27 PM] Zehicle: is that in devstack? [3:03:32 PM] Zehicle: or part of quantum? [3:04:11 PM] Greg Althaus: This is part of devstack. It has toggles for quantum and melange. [3:04:18 PM] Greg Althaus: It enables horizon and stuff. [3:04:27 PM] Zehicle: ok [3:04:33 PM] Greg Althaus: it is much more pluggable and can be included or not. [3:04:39 PM] Zehicle: sweet [3:07:14 PM] texastwisterscott: Austin lost the connection [3:08:22 PM] Greg Althaus: we bounced. [3:08:28 PM] Andi: yea.. [3:08:32 PM] Andi: we're back on the bridge.. [3:08:35 PM] Andi: but not open yet [3:08:42 PM] texastwisterscott: redialing the bridge now... [3:09:26 PM] Richard Yuan: San Jose lost connection too. [3:11:06 PM] Andi: so..are we all back [3:11:09 PM] Brian Parker: It is probably just me ... with both Glance and Nova proposals they failed to apply. In each case, after deactivating the proposal, I delete it, recreate it, and it works the 2nd time. The chef-client run fails because node attributes are missing, but I haven't been able to figure out why the proposal apply fails (the first time). [3:12:37 PM] Greg Althaus: wow. [3:12:44 PM] Greg Althaus: okay good to know and look for. [3:14:04 PM] Zehicle: lost the bridge again [3:14:25 PM] Zehicle: internet issues here [3:15:48 PM] Andi: back? [3:17:16 PM] Andi: stop downloading ISO's ;) [3:18:03 PM] Michael Myers: Heh, Rob really was serving hackday.iso from his basement. [3:18:07 PM] Zehicle: back on the adio line [3:18:54 PM] Zehicle: using a phone for audio instead of skype [3:20:05 PM] Zehicle: Our Force10 team is [3:20:12 PM] Matt Ray: I've talked to several vendors [3:20:18 PM] Zehicle: they have a barclamp that should get uploaded [3:20:52 PM] Zehicle: Why is Multihost=0? [3:21:05 PM] Zehicle: from the screen share IM (yapend) [3:23:58 PM] Zehicle: we can't hear Andi [3:24:05 PM] Zehicle: please repeat the questions [3:25:11 PM] Andi: any additional q...'s? [3:28:56 PM] Lee Thompson: side conversation reference... [3:30:21 PM] Zehicle: plan is [3:30:30 PM] Zehicle: Matt Ray about Chef for 10 mins [3:30:35 PM] Zehicle: then wrap up [3:31:42 PM] * Rob Hirschfeld added Preston Lee * [3:52:22 PM] Greg Althaus: Boston , still hearing? [3:52:50 PM] Andi: yuop [4:43:07 PM] Brian Parker: Well, I see why I was able to sucessfully apply the proposals the second time around .... none of the proposal applications actually added anything to the runlist. In other words, when a proposal application fails, if you delete and re apply, it will show "green" but not actually add any recipes to the node_role's runlist. My coworker is seeing the same thing. I guess I need to go back to the begining to understand why a proposal failed to begin with. [4:43:45 PM] Greg Althaus: wait [4:43:53 PM] Greg Althaus: what variable do you look at? [4:44:51 PM] Greg Althaus: The way we manage the run_list can hide roles on you. [4:44:57 PM] Greg Althaus: if you look us role. [4:45:00 PM] Greg Althaus: You will see 2 roles. [4:45:13 PM] Greg Althaus: This should be deployer client and a node specific role. [4:45:20 PM] Greg Althaus: If you look at roles [4:45:26 PM] Greg Althaus: you will see lots of roles. [4:45:36 PM] Greg Althaus: It is the compiled list of roles. [4:45:44 PM] Greg Althaus: from all subroles. [4:46:03 PM] Greg Althaus: Looking at the node role will show you the real runlist. [4:46:17 PM] Greg Althaus: Now, with all that said, it could still be busted. :) [4:47:38 PM] Brian Parker: The node role, crowbar-d08-00-27-c4-40-2b_crowbar_org in my case, doesn't show any recipes related to the openstack proposals (mysql, glance, keystone, nova). Only the base crowbar recipes are there. [4:48:01 PM] Greg Althaus: okay - then busted. [4:48:20 PM] Greg Althaus: hmmm - [4:49:49 PM] Brian Parker: I'll go back to look at the first time I had a proposal fail. I had a false sense of security when it worked the second time. [4:51:48 PM] Greg Althaus: sorry [5:19:08 PM] Brian Parker: No worries! [5:25:03 PM] Greg Althaus: Brian did you dequeue or delete your proposal. [5:25:04 PM] Greg Althaus: ? [5:25:28 PM] * gogi reddy has left * [5:26:16 PM] Greg Althaus: I think I have a bug in the delete/dequeue proposal code. [5:28:43 PM] Brian Parker: First I deactivated, then deleted. [5:32:16 PM] Greg Althaus: yes - I have a node role structure that carries the delete info for a little too long. [5:32:26 PM] Greg Althaus: are you a chef guy? [5:33:05 PM] Greg Althaus: Do this on the admin node: [5:33:09 PM] Greg Althaus: export EDITOR=vi [5:33:22 PM] Greg Althaus: knife role edit <named of node where . is _> [5:33:36 PM] Greg Althaus: like: knife role edit crowbar-admin_dell_com [5:33:45 PM] Greg Althaus: forgot the crowbar in the first line [5:33:48 PM] Greg Althaus: Then look for -1000 [5:34:03 PM] Greg Althaus: Remove the whole stanza. It should be like this; [5:35:08 PM] Greg Althaus: "nova_dashboard-server": {

"states": [

], "priority": -1001


[5:35:13 PM] Greg Althaus: sorry -1001 [5:35:21 PM] Greg Althaus: or -1000 [5:35:38 PM] Greg Althaus: Delete the whole stanza there may be multiple of them [5:35:39 PM] Greg Althaus: save the file. [5:35:46 PM] Greg Althaus: Reapply the proposals.

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