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Delphi Tips

This project contains a bunch of Delphi language tips.

Some of the tips are published online at

Health Warning! All the tips are very old now. Very few have been tested, and those that have were tested quite some time back on an old version of Delphi. Consider yourself warned!

The project has the following folders:


Contains a single SQL file - tips-v2.sql - that provides meta data about the tips. The file can be used to create a database.

Such a database would need to be used in conjunction with the files in the docs/_tips folder, and some suitable CSS and HTML templates, to generate complete web pages for each tip.


Contains Delphi Pascal demo projects associated with some of the tips in the docs/_tips directory.

Each demo has its own sub-directory whose name is the number of the associated tip. Where there is more than one demo for a single tip there are further sub-directories for each demo.

Note: .html files in docs/_tips link to this directory. Should the directory, or any of its sub-directories, be renamed or moved then links in the affected .html files must be updated accordingly.


This folder contains the source code of the Delphi Tips website.

The site is developed and deployed using Jekyll. Builds are published via GitHub Pages.

Warning: The CNAME file in this directory should not be changed or removed: it ensure the micro-site is served as the tips sub-domain of


There are two open document format files in this directory.

  • One contains a large number of tips downloaded from the former Delphi Pool website.
  • The second contains tips collected online by "topellina".

There may be some duplication of tips between the PDF files. Further, some tips that appear in the docs/_tips directory may have been sourced, and later deleted, from these files.


A bunch of Delphi language tips migrated from the website, plus others.







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