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Delta Force

The Official Programming Club of NIT Trichy


  1. Server for Pragyan's Dalal Street

    Go 71 17

  2. pragyan Public

    A simple and fast multiuser content management system to organize collaborative web-content. This CMS allows very fine user&group permissions, generating pages like articles, forms, quizzes, forums…

    PHP 67 66

  3. Cross Platform(Android & Web) client for Dalal Street

    Dart 14 5

  4. Simulator to run AIs for Code Character, the AI programming challenge

    C++ 10 1

  5. Backend for the Delta OAuth2 Service

    TypeScript 2 8

  6. Forked from delta/codecharacter-driver-2022

    The driver for CodeCharacter 2023

    Rust 3 1


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