Simulator to run AIs for Code Character, the AI programming challenge
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Code Character Simulator

Setup Instructions

  1. Download Boost 1.64

  2. cd to the Boost directory and build the system library by running ./ --prefix=. --with-libraries=system && ./b2 install

  3. git clone --recursive

  4. Install CMake (> v3.9.6)

  5. Install Protobuf

  6. mkdir build && cd build

  7. export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<your_install_location>/lib

  8. cmake .. -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=<your_install_location> -DBOOST_ROOT=<boost_download_location>

  9. make

  10. make install

  11. To run the simulator, <your_install_location>/bin/simulator

To run the unit tests, <your_install_location>/bin/test

Pass -DBUILD_PROJECT=<project_name> to cmake to build only a specific module. Passing no_tests as the project name builds everything but the unit tests.

Docker image instructions

The compiler image takes player code and compiles it into player1 and player2 libraries.

The runner image takes a player1 library and a player2 library, simulates a game, and dumps the game.log.

To setup these images -

  1. Install Docker (preferably enable non-root usage)

  2. Run ./ to build the images

  3. docker run -v <input_source_dir>:/root/codecharacter/src/player_code/src -v <output_libs_dir>:/root/output_libs -i deltanitt/codecharacter-runner to compiple, where <input_source_dir> contains the file player_code.cpp.

  4. docker run -v <input_libs_dir>:/root/input_libs -v <output_log_dir>:/root/output_log -i deltanitt/codecharacter-runner to run a game, where <input_libs_dir> contains the files and