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quicklink chrome extension

Quicklink Chrome extension

Injects quicklink library in sites, to achieve faster subsequent page-loads by prefetching in-viewport links during idle time.


This extension has two goals:

  • Allowing users to navigate the web faster by prefetching in-viewport links.
  • Allowing devellopers to test quicklink in their sites, and measure its impact, before implementing the library.

Using the extension

  • Download the code.
  • Open Chrome and go to chrome://extensions.
  • Click Load Unpacked.
  • Select the /src directory, which contains the extension code.

Testing the extension

  • Open any site.
  • Open DevTools and go to the Network panel.
  • Make sure the Initiator and Priority column in DevTools are enabled (if not, right-click in the network panel to enable them).
  • Observe in-viewport links being prefetched: they should appear as initiated by quicklink, and at the Lowest priority.
  • Clicking on a prefetched link will show it as retrieved from the prefetch cache in the Size column.

How it works

When the extension is installed, it will inject quicklink on every page the user visits.


The option menu can be accessed by clicking the extension icon, and choosing Options:

The first option, allows to opt-out from Analytics, to stop sending tracking information:

The second section allows to update the current custom URL patterns to ignore and enter new ones:

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