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Factorio Generators


require('./index') returns an object with the following keys as functions:

outpost(blueprintString, opt)

Generates an outpost given a blueprintString with 2 walls at the corner of the ore patch you want to cover. Options are:

  • minerSpace: 0-2, space between miners (default 1)
  • undergroundBelts: Use underground belts in front of miners instead of regular belts
  • compact: No horizontal spacing between miners, place electric poles in between miners. Requires undergroundBelts to be true.
  • beltName: Name of type of belt in the format type or type_transport_belt (default '' which is yellow belt)
  • useStackInserters: Boolean, use stack inserters between the buffer chests and cargo wagon instead of fast inserters (default true)
  • botBased: Boolean, use passive provider and requester chests (default false)
  • requestItem: Item for requester chests to request if botBased (default iron_ore)
  • requestAmount: The amount of items each chest requests when bot based (default 4800)
  • roboports: Boolean, include roboports by tracks (default false)
  • balancer: Blueprint string for an NxN balancer if the script does not have any available (N being the # of cargo wagons) (no default)

Shared Options

  • trainSide: 0-3, side the train station should be on (default 1 right)
  • trainDirection: 0-3, side train station should enter from (Must be perpendicular to trainSide) (default 2 bottom)
  • module: Module name to fill up miners with, empty for none
  • includeRadar: Boolean, whether or not to include a radar (default true)
  • turretSpacing: 2-9, spacing between turrets on wall (default 8)
  • turrets: Boolean, whether turrets are enabled or not (default true)
  • laserTurrets: Boolean, use laser turrets instead of gun turrets (default true)
  • includeTrainStation: Boolean, whether or not to include a train station (default true)
  • locomotiveCount: 1+, number of locomotives before cargo wagons (default 2)
  • cargoWagonCount: 1+, number of cargo wagons on train (default 4)
  • exitRoute: true/false, whether or not there is a route past the train station for single-headed trains (default false)
  • walls: Whether or not to include walls (default true)
  • wallSpace: Space between wall and rest of the outpost (default 5)
  • wallThickness: Number of walls thick the outpost defenses are (default 1)
  • conrete: Name of concrete type (in vanilla either concrete or hazard_conrete) (default none)
  • borderConcrete: Type of concrete put on the wall and just inside the walls (default none)
  • trackConrete: Type of concrete put on the track and just surrounding the track (default none)
  • includeLights: Boolean, Let there be light! (Default: false)
  • name: Name of blueprint (%drills% is replaced with the # of drills in ore outposts and %pumpjacks% the number of pumpjacks in oil outposts)

oilOutpost(blueprintString, opt)

Shares options with the "shared" section from above

  • pumpjackName: String, Name of pumpjack entity (default: 'pumpjack')
  • tanks: Int, Number of tanks to use to store oil per cargo wagon (default: 2)

blueprintTool(blueprintString, opt)

Modifies a blueprint in different ways and returns a new blueprint string.

  • flipX: Boolean, flip along the X axis (default false)
  • flipY: Boolean, flip along the Y axis (default false)
  • landfillEntities: Boolean, place landfill under entities (default false)
  • The following are an array of objects with a key to for the entity name to convert to and from for an exact name or includes for any entity including the string
  • entityReplace: Array of objects to convert entity types in the form { from: 'name', to: 'name' } (default empty array)
  • recipeReplace: Array of objects to convert recipes in assembly machines in the form { from: 'name', to: 'name' } (default empty array)
  • modifiedOnly: Resulting blueprint only contains entities which have been modified by a replace.


Generators for blueprints like outposts in factorio, used by



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