Emacs major mode for an interactive Julia shell.
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Emacs major mode for an interactive Julia shell



julia-shell-mode provides a comfortable Julia REPL in an interactive Emacs buffer. Some of the features include TAB completion through the Emacs completion system and easy interaction between a julia-mode editing buffer and a live julia-shell REPL.



To start a julia-shell, simply do

M-x run-julia


To query Julia for completions of the current command on the prompt, simply hit TAB. This supports LaTeX substitutions, just like the native Julia shell. For example, hitting TAB after

julia> y + \Delta

Completes to

julia> y + Δ

just like in the native Julia REPL.

When not substituting LaTeX letters, julia-shell will open a buffer with suggestions on how to complete the current command using Emacs' completion system. Simply press TAB to get a list of suggestions. For example, pressing TAB after

julia> his

First completes to

julia> hist

And pressing TAB again opens up a new *Completions* buffer with the following suggestions:

Click on a completion to select it.
In this buffer, type RET to select the completion near point.

Possible completions are:
hist 	hist2D
hist2d 	histrange

Shell interaction from julia-mode

You can use the function julia-shell-run-region-or-line to send the current region to the Julia interpreter. If the region is not active, this function will send the current line.

Another handy function is julia-shell-save-and-go: Save the current buffer and evaluate it in the Julia shell using evalfile().


Put the following code in your .emacs, init.el, or equivalent:

(add-to-list 'load-path "path-to-julia-shell-mode")
(require 'julia-shell)

where "path-to-julia-shell-mode" should be the location of this archive. Since the alias to run-julia overrides julia-mode's command, make sure to include these line after requiring julia-mode.

To interact with julia-shell from julia-mode, add the following code to your init.el:

(defun my-julia-mode-hooks ()
  (require 'julia-shell-mode))
(add-hook 'julia-mode-hook 'my-julia-mode-hooks)
(define-key julia-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-c") 'julia-shell-run-region-or-line)
(define-key julia-mode-map (kbd "C-c C-s") 'julia-shell-save-and-go)


This mode borrows heavily from MATLAB-emacs and hopes to replicate the comfortable MATLAB shell experience using Julia. Thanks!

Furthermore, thanks to the devs of the original julia.el for laying the foundation of this, especially the neat LaTeX substitutions.


GPL v2