Using this Repository to demo how to inject dynamic libraries into cracked ipa files for jailed iOS devices
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iOS Dylib Patching Demo

This repository

Main Components (included)

How to patch a ipa file

  1. Download a cracked ipa. (eg.
  2. Use Xcode to create an iOS Dynamic Framework (see below as an example). Build the framework target for iphoneos (non-iphonesimulator)
  3. Reveal the framework in finder and locate the dynamic library binary.
  4. Copy the entire framework (or just dynamic library binary file will do) and any depedent dylibs into a folder (lets call it DYLIBS).
  5. You may need additional XCode stock swift dylib which you can find them at /Applications/ Copy any required swift dylib into the DYLIBS folder
  6. Go to the root level of this repository and run sh ./ cracked.ipa ./DYLIBS
  7. You will see an output file called "cracked-patch.ipa". Use Cydia Impactor ( to sign the new and install it into your device.

This repository was inspired by the work of

Feel free to contact the main author