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Let me guess!

  1. You're a lazy programmer.
  2. You have a lot of cool projects here at Github.
  3. You want to show the world all your open source stuff.

am I right? So guess what, I have the perfect thing to you.

Let me introduce you hub.me, an alternative and responsive gallery to display all your projects on Github.


Discover it reading the history of my friend Clark Kent here. Portuguese version here.

Getting Started

Step 1:

Just fork this repository.

Step 2:

Then you must change the repository name to yourUsername.github.com.

Step 3:

Now you have to open the index.html and put your username on it.

    $('body').hubMe({'username': 'yourUsername'});

Easy, huh?

*Just remember that may take up to 10 minutes to Github activate pages for your account.


There are some nice features you can choose to create a even better gallery.


If you want another appearance just tell the plugin.

$('body').hubMe({ 'theme': 'black' });

For now you have 3 choices to customize it:

  • blue (default)
  • gray
  • black

And, of course, you can create your own theme and then send to us :)


You don't want to display particular projects? Fine.

$('body').hubMe({ 'exclude': ['wormz', 'cufon'] });


You want the ability to hide the language sections? No problem.

$('body').hubMe({ 'languages': false });

Browser Support

We do care about it.

IE Chrome Firefox Opera Safari
IE 9+ ✔ Latest ✔ Latest ✔ Latest ✔ Latest ✔



MIT License © Zeno Rocha