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My work on integration of Scala into Vim - not a ton here, but useful for me.
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This is a "bundle" for Vim that builds off of the initial Scala plugin modules by Stefan Matthias Aust and adds some more "stuff" that I find useful, including all of my notes and customizations.


You really should be using Tim Pope's Pathogen module for Vim ( if you're going to clone this repository because, well... you should.

Using the command-line

Using wget:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/{ftdetect,indent,syntax} && for d in ftdetect indent syntax ; do wget -O ~/.vim/$d/scala.vim$d/scala.vim; done

Using cURL:

mkdir -p ~/.vim/{ftdetect,indent,syntax} && for d in ftdetect indent syntax ; do curl -o ~/.vim/$d/scala.vim$d/scala.vim; done


Alternatively, you can use Vundle to manage your plugins.

If you have Vundle installed, simply add the following to your .vimrc:

Plugin 'derekwyatt/vim-scala'

and then run


to install it.

Sorting of import statements


There are different modes for import sorting available. For details, please consult the vimdoc help with

:help :SortScalaImports
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