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An Elasticsearch Plugin that notifies about changes to indices
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Elasticsearch Changes Plugin

The Elasticsearch Changes plugin is a plugin for Elasticsearch that tracks changes to indices and makes this information available
through a REST service. It provides information on node basis. So if you want the complete change information you have to query all nodes in your cluster.


Run bin/plugin -install derryx/elasticsearch-changes-plugin


You can set the length of the history buffer with the setting changes.history.size. The default is 100.


Point your browser to http://localhost:9200/_changes/ to see changes for all indices.
If you want to see changes only for one or a list of indices you can use http://localhost:9200/foo,bar,baz/_changes/.

You will get a response like this:

  "twitter" : {
    "lastChange" : 1330372696400,
    "changes" : [ {
      "type" : "CREATE",
      "id" : "qf310jYSSK2OsM0fWEXyIA",
      "timestamp" : 1330372680742,
      "version" : 1
    }, {
      "type" : "INDEX",
      "id" : "1",
      "timestamp" : 1330372689220,
      "version" : 2
    }, {
      "type" : "DELETE",
      "id" : "1",
      "timestamp" : 1330372696400,
      "version" : 3
    } ]
  "bubu" : {
    "lastChange" : 1330369466133,
    "changes" : [ ]

The timestamp is a UNIX timestamp in milliseconds (epoch midnight, January 1, 1970 UTC).

See changes after a given timestamp

If you want to see only changes after a given timestamp you can add the parameter since to the request (for example http://localhost:9200/_changes/?since=1330282941692 ). The timestamp again is a UNIX timestamp (in milliseconds).

Wait for a index change to happen

You can make your request wait for a change to happen with the parameter wait. Additionally you can give a timeout parameter (in milliseconds).
(example: http://localhost:9200/_changes/?wait=true&timeout=60000 ). The default timeout is 15 minutes.

Version mapping

  • Change Plugin 0.1.x → Elasticsearch 0.18.x
  • Change Plugin 0.2.x → Elasticsearch 0.19.x
  • Change Plugin 0.3.x → Elasticsearch 1.0.x

Other information

See project’s GitHub pages for details.

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