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Determined AI Logo

Determined: Deep Learning Training Platform

Determined is an open-source deep learning training platform that makes building models fast and easy. Determined enables you to:

  • Train models faster using state-of-the-art distributed training, without changing your model code
  • Automatically find high-quality models with advanced hyperparameter tuning from the creators of Hyperband
  • Get more from your GPUs with smart scheduling and cut cloud GPU costs by seamlessly using preemptible instances
  • Track and reproduce your work with experiment tracking that works out-of-the-box, covering code versions, metrics, checkpoints, and hyperparameters

Determined integrates these features into an easy-to-use, high-performance deep learning environment — which means you can spend your time building models instead of managing infrastructure.

To use Determined, you can continue using popular DL frameworks such as TensorFlow and PyTorch; you just need to update your model code to integrate with the Determined API.

Try out Determined Locally

Follow these instructions to install and set up docker.

# Start a Determined cluster locally.
python3.7 -m venv ~/.virtualenvs/test
. ~/.virtualenvs/test/bin/activate
pip install determined
# To start a cluster with GPUs, remove `no-gpu` flag.
det deploy local cluster-up --no-gpu
# Access web UI at localhost:8080. By default, "determined" user accepts a blank password.

# Navigate to a Determined example.
git clone
cd determined/examples/computer_vision/cifar10_pytorch

# Submit job to train a single model on a single node.
det experiment create const.yaml .

Detailed Installation Guide

See our installation guide for details on how to install Determined, including on AWS and GCP.

Try Now on AWS

Try Now

Next Steps

For a brief introduction to using Determined, check out our Quick Start Guide.

To use an existing deep learning model with Determined, follow the tutorial for your preferred deep learning framework:


The documentation for the latest version of Determined can always be found here.


If you need help, want to file a bug report, or just want to keep up-to-date with the latest news about Determined, please join the Determined community!


Contributor's Guide


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