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Basic Computer Science Coding

Repo of the projects I did as a Computer Science student at the University of Pittsburgh.


This is a repo containing nearly all of the projects I did as a Computer Science student at the University of Pittsburgh. Many of these projects covered fundamental topics that are critical for any coder, so I wanted to provide them as examples and possible starting points for any project.

They are (generally) written in Java or C, and may be complete programs, or merely code snippets.

Note: I have moved this repo from Google Code on 2015-09-03, as Google Code shut down. This repo was originally hosted here.

Class and project information

Includes projects for the following classes:

  • CS7 (CS0007)

  • CS401 (CS0401) - Intermediate Programming Using Java

  • CS445 (CS0445) - Data Structures

  • CS447 (CS0447) - Computer Organization and Assembly Language Scramble game ( scramble.asm ), Frogger LED game ( catch.asm ), JrMIPS processor ( jrmips.circ )

  • CS449 (CS0449) - Introduction to Systems Software blackjack.c, id3tagEd.c, mystrings.c, mymalloc.h, malloctest.c, pi_digits.c, pi_driver.c, server.c

  • CS1501 - Algorithm Implementation Djikstra's shortest path, Huffman compression, , ,

  • CS1550 - Introduction to Operating Systems myshell.c, prodcons.c, sys.c , syscall_table.S , unistd.h, cs1550.c

  • CS1555 - Database Management Systems Faces@Pitt (, database.sql)

  • CS1635 - Interface Design Methodology

  • CS1652 - Data Communication and Computer Networks http_client.c, http_server1.c, http_server2.c, tcp_module.c

  • CS1653 - Applied Cryptography and Network Security

  • CS1655 - Secure Data Management and Web Applications

See this page for additional information about each project.


Everything in this repo is distributed under the New BSD License.

See LICENSE for more information.


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