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Twisted attempt at PyProxy idea
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  • Author: David W
  • Status: Pre-Alpha

Primary goal

ProxyProject is initially meant to resolve one very common and VERY tedious part of Web development, validating web forms. A developer would place Proxy Project between their browser and their development environment then run through the process of populating and submitting a form. After the developer would return to the Proxy Project control panel and click a button, in return a python mechanize script would be presented.

Secondary goals

Since the Proxy is already recording everything, additional features would be the ability to replay the response side of requestes on demand ( basically caching the respons ).

The ability to mechanize scripts into "story" scripts, to make it easier to re-use and organize them for building up front loaded system under-test scripts.

Could be nice goals

A tool to marry SQL statements stored in a MySQL general log file to individual responses, perhaps make it easier to add additional DB level post mechanize

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