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A simple tree drawing algorithm for laying a menu or homepage
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A simple tree drawing algorithm in javascript for turning a menu in an HTML document into a tree diagram. This was used to create my homepage at

How to use

Setup is similar to the example in the repository. The website needs to include the following files:

  • drawmenutree.js
  • CSS in /include/style.css
  • images from /include/*, which are used to draw the lines of the graph

The HTML file should be organized with the menu in nested divs with the appropriate id and class names. (see index.html as an example). Link drawmenutree.js by including <script type="text/javascript" src="drawmenutree.js"></script> in 'index.html'. This will create a global variable DrawMenuTree. Call DrawMenuTree.drawOnLoad() in another script tag anywhere in the document. The menu will be drawn as a tree as soon as the document loads (an event listener is added to listen for DOMContentLoaded).

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